19 Mar Let’s Give ISIDRO His Miracle



JUAN SAYS: We may all be fighting a battle that seems insurmountable at the moment. The cover ups of the Mamasapano massacre, the recent developments in who we are talking to in the peace process for Mindanao and the passage of the BBL, and that we are slowly being invaded by China and Malaysia, are very disheartening. But these problems shouldn’t stop us from showing the world what we are made of. We may be in the dark right now but we can surely help someone who wants to run for the light. Let’s go ISIDRO!



Isidro Vildosola was fourteen when he lost his right arm while saving his cousin from a rice thresher. His arm was amputated without anesthesia in one of the hospitals in Koronadal City but Isidro did not allow this one incident to define who he was. In fact, it fueled him to become one of the country’s top Paralympic marathoners bringing pride to the country through the gold and silver medals he won during the Paralympic games since joining in 2007.
Isidro, or Coach Sid, as fondly called by those he trains during off-season is on yet again another mission as he aims to compete in the prestigious International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Marathon Championships on April 26, 2015 in London. Isidro, who dedicated his entire life to running marathons and training those who wish do so as well, is determined to do everything in his power to fly there and realize his dream of finishing the marathon. To do so, he needs to raise at least P375,000.
I believe that a little goes a long way and a small amount or even sharing this article will greatly help. Let’s work hand in hand to give Isidro the miracle he needs and let’s prove to the world that kindness and our belief in someone else’s dream still reigns in our country today.




His BPI account # is 3199-1018-37. To know more you may visit, like and share his Facebook page here.


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