28 Sep Kababawan? Tas’ ‘Pik Pak Boom’



JUAN SAYS: We found this post by Kai P. Cruz as a reaction to Lea Salonga’s ‘kababawan’ issue and she exactly expresses a good point. As many have noticed, Lea at this point is affiliated with THE other station that is gravely affected by the rise of the Aldub sensation, so to the eyes of many, she may be expressing her own opinion BUT surely she is not exactly in the right position to give one based on a perceived bias point of view. On the other hand, we too found it too cute of her to express ‘kababawan’ when she herself starred in a movie of ‘kababawans.’ Remember “Pik, Pak, Boom?” ‘Nuff said.


Just my two cents on this ongoing debate that Philippine TV is shallow, unintelligent and doesn’t seem to be evolving. Let me ask you this, where were you when in the past 5 years or so, GMA has been producing primetime programs of national importance such as: Amaya, Indio, Bayan Ko, and Titser?
Where were you, when just last year GMA aired high quality teleseryes on the stories/lives of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal. Jose Rizal was incidentally portrayed by Alden Richards, yet nobody bothered to watch that.

Where were you when GMA also aired several Peabody-awarded News & Public Affairs programs?
Yeah…you were busy watching The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards.
It’s quite hypocritical to criticize Philippine TV as a whole when you only know of the noontime shows and the kabit-seryes, and you don’t actually show support for the other well-crafted, locally made TV shows, don’t you think? Yes, AlDub/Eat Bulaga is getting a lot of attention but that show is not representative of the entire industry. But while we are on the subject of AlDub, the show is mababaw but if you are smart enough, you’d see how intelligent the show is. That we can actually be proud of its creativity. It’s not easy writing for a show that’s almost 90% improv–live, everyday, on-location around the metro — at that. Saturday Night Live doesn’t even do that. It’s also not easy to weave-in traditional values within the storyline but still attract a young audience in the process.

The more important question here should be why some Filipinos can’t be proud of its own Pop Culture that we have to think so low of it. And why is there a need to separate ourselves from “masa humor?” That’s a bigger issue.

PS. Another bigger issue is the fact that whenever GMA has something big like My Husband’s Lover or ALDub, there’s always something critical to say. But when the other network made a spectacle of Please Be Careful and Legal Wife, nobody sparked a low ball debate on that.

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