18 Jan JUAN on the Pope’s Question ‘Where are the Women?’



Where are the Women? – Pope Francis

JUAN SAYS: We are hoping that true changes in the people who have spent countless hours waiting for the Pope to pass by will really take effect. We are praying that the rich people in MOA arena will adhere to the Pope’s call of compassion and mercy especially with the underprivileged and the abused. We are hoping that our tears are no crocodile tears but tears from the heart, which moves us to action. Action, not the charity works we love posting on our instagram or facebook, but a real call to action – to end abuse, to end fanaticism (just because they are nice on TV ergo they are good in real life), to end rape culture.
A Commentary by Kat Alano:
“Women have so much to tell us in this society,” the pope quipped. “Women are capable of seeing things from a different angle. Women are able to pose questions that we men cannot understand.”
I may not be a practicing Catholic, but I was raised as one and I believe very much in God.
The Pope asked, “Where are the women?” As he was disappointed there were not more women in the crowd at UST.
Dearest Pope, the women are losing their faith. I have heard their stories, I have sat with them, I have seen their lives, their suffering, their patience. The crowd wept at a 12 year old girl asking why no one helps people like her, forced into prostitution and drugs. They weep but they do nothing. Their tears are all for show for you. When you are gone nothing will change.
The women know this.
They are the ones who suffer silently at home while their husbands go out drinking and sleeping with their mistresses. Who take responsibility for their children and worry and stress about how to feed them and how to keep them safe. They are the ones who are abused, raped, molested, violated, all to be shamed and shunned into silence. They are the ones who in desperation sell their children or their souls because they have no choice. 
They are the ones who sit and pray everyday and nobody comes to help.
The women are losing their faith because they are being abused and no one stands for them. If only someone cared enough to listen to their stories. To help them, ease their burdens. No one does. No pity, no real compassion.
Yet they all weep when it’s for a good show.
May the Pope’s visit inspire real change for once and not just a big show of bullshit. Why did it take a 12 year old girl and an aging man to show you the realities we live with everyday?
If we don’t care enough to change it, it never will.
New source: https://ph.news.yahoo.com/pope-francis–where-are-the-women…


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