22 Jan JUAN on New Charges for Offending Religious Feelings



JUAN SAYS: We are confused again, if people put up signs containing words from the bible this then offends the religious? How can this be offensive to them when the bible is exactly what Christians use as their guide for daily living. And if people’s beliefs do not coincide with the majority of the country, this means that they are offending the feelings of the clergy? And since when did feelings become a solid basis for a crime, when feelings (or the sensitivity to it) are subjective. Some people are just more “feelingera” than others. Why can’t we just let people exercise their beliefs, and let them show these signs to the Pope (during the big mass in Luneta). These bible verse placards may just solicit a thumbs-up from the pope. At least some people stand up for what they believe in. Marami lang talagang mga taong mapag-patol! Carlos Celdran, hindi ka na nagiisa!



Evangelicals face raps

for ‘offending religious feelings’

Source: ABS-CBNnews.com
MANILA – Four Evangelical Christians who heckled some Catholics during the visit of Pope Francis are facing charges for ”offending religious feelings,” the Philippine National police said.
Felix Bruce Bertos, Restituta Samonte, Esmeralda Cruz and Hazel Apao are facing charges for violating Article 133 (offending religious feelings) of the Revised Penal Code and Batas Pambansa 880 (The Public Assembly Act of 1985).
Police said the four posted tarpaulins bearing the following messages and biblical passages:
“Ika-2 utos, huwag kayong sumamba, yuyukod at maglilingkod sa diyos-diyosan, larawan o rebulto ng anumang nilalang, Exodo 20, 4-5”
“Only Jesus Christ can save you from sin and hell.”
”Kamatayan ang kabayaran ng kasalanan ngunit ang kaloob ng Diyos ay buhay na walang hanggan sa pamamagitan ni Hesukristo na ating panginoon, Roma 6:23.”
Apart from supposedly offending religious feelings, the four allegedly failed to present permit to rally.
Three people were earlier arrested for making bomb jokes while on their way to attend Pope Francis’s mass in Manila, which drew a record-breaking 6 million people.


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