16 Jun Jack of All Trades, Master of None



People are always willing to try new things. In our country there are always new trends cropping up such as cupcake shops and hiking trails, things and activities that are “in” for the season. It can be quite hard to keep up with what’s en vogue nowadays but we all sure try to!
There has been an epidemic of F.O.M.O. or Fear Of Missing Out upon our society today that people are willing to stand in line for hours and sometimes even days just to say that they were there. Truth be told, they could have hardly cared less about what they were lining up for.
One best example that I can think of right now was when the Pope came to the Philippines. Everybody flocked the streets of Manila, bathing under the hot sun and the smog with some people even flying all the way to Tacloban for this momentous event, so they could take a picture with his Holiness. Most people said, upon being interviewed that their faith has been renewed, it was a life changing experience. Now I ask, where is the change? Did anybody who went to Tacloban help out while they were there or did they simply hang around where the pope could be and readied their cameras for when he appeared?
For all those who have tried something new, how many of those have you actually stuck with enough to excel, or even just progress in? We have tried many things, and not really known about them. We are becoming a nation of know-it-alls without actual knowledge. Details count as full truths, and word of mouth is taken wholeheartedly as truth.
This “pics or it didn’t happen” phenomenon has a negative effect on us in such a way that as long as you have a picture of yourself doing it, you don’t have to do it again. And in this we lose our passion for life, of working hard and disciplining ourselves to do well in something that was not chosen by the trendsetters but rather finding ourselves in the discovery and development of what we truly love.
Only the future will see what this culture of ours will lead us to, and we can only hope for the best. My wish for all of you is that in the midst of all these fads that you have been trying and taking pictures of yourself doing, you stumble upon your own passion and find enough courage to break away from convention and pursue it.


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