25 Nov Jack Ma’s List: 11 types of people that you should NEVER help



JUAN SAYS: This should have come sooner to save us all the heartache and disappointments caused by other people who suck the life out of you. You’re there, an unsuspecting human being ready to give a helping arm (notice we used ARM not hand, because helping is extending beyond what is necessary), then after you have given your arm you begin to feel that you are being thrown in a hole to no escape. You have given your whole heart and soul to helping people achieve their dreams and goals only to find out that you are the only one who is giving. There will be parasites, and there will be parasites. We certainly wish Jack Ma came up with this list sooner to save us all the heart break.


Jack Ma’s List: 11 types of people that you should NEVER help:

People that are ungrateful

A simple thank you, and the acknowledgement that one didn’t do the job alone would’ve sufficed. Instead, there will be people who would ask for your help, never acknowledge you, and worse, claim the work as their own. May mga ingrata lang talaga!

People that are willing to forsake their principles for money

While we would like to believe that everyone has a price, let’s make sure that ours is too steep that no one can afford it. Wag mo akong bayaran dahil mayaman ako!

People that would use others for their personal gains

Now don’t we all have at least one special person in our lives that flashed in our heads as we read this sentence? Yung user. Yung manipulator. Yung minumura mo habang binabasa mo ito. Siya yun.

People that back stabs others

Just a reminder, friends don’t stab you at the back, they stab you in front.

People that will turn on their principles for benefits

People who formulate their convictions based on who they are with are clearly people who are just into sucking up! Mauubos dugo mo sa mga taong ito. There will be climbers, and there will be ladders to climb. Ang taas ng ladder ng isang ito!

People that don’t keep their promises but act pitiful when they need help

We don’t get people who have the nerve to make promises that they won’t keep. We just don’t get it. Then they come running back to you when they need help. Ikaw naman itong tanga, naawa ka naman. Hala sige, tulong ka ulit. Hindi ka na natuto!

People that can’t even complete small tasks but yet wants to achieve big tasks

Ah yes! Those people who seem to dream and talk about big things, but clearly are just full of shit. Dreaming about the big things is one thing. But not being able to deliver on the small things is just a clear sign that these people will never make it. How pitiful.

People that place all their hopes on another person or external factors

We have always been believers of bright ideas. But as we have learned bright ideas are just ideas if one who formulated the idea banks on someone else to execute it. As any savvy CEO would know, you can’t expect your people to do the job if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Another reason why the phrase: “some people are just full of shit” was invented.

People that you helped because of their promises but defaults on their promises

No honey, promises were never meant to be broken. If you say it, you do it. You don’t turn your back at a promise just because you are inconvenienced by it. Your word, and you putting premium on your word says a lot about who you are. And some people just don’t forget.

People that have opportunities but still act poor

Tamad ang itawag mo sa kanila.

People that takes everything for granted and doesn’t show any gratitude.

Self serving ass****! ‘Nuff said.

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