24 May Is Quiboloy the new INC?



JUAN SAYS: We were quite skeptical, the moment that Pastor Quiboloy set foot in Digongs Mitin de Avance, along with his claims that he was the spiritual adviser of Digong and their friendship has lasted for 30 years. In the course of the campaign, Quiboloy has offered his “riches” and “resources” a good number of times for Digong to use. And just when Digong is about to be declared as the 16th President of the Republic, the Quiboloy group throws a light tantrum at the newly elected President.


If we remember it correctly, we have seen this before. We have seen how a certain religious group has anointed a would-be president with promises of bloc voting to ensure his win. And if we were to believe all the stories that came out during their biggest tantrum-throwing incident on EDSA, we all know that in exchange for these precious votes, the “anointed” President gave in to some of their requests – cabinet positions, favors for their religion, among many others.

If we look at this closely, Quiboloy is doing another INC. News stories say that he is “hurt,” that Digong has not consulted him on the selection of his would-be cabinet. After all, he is, as he claims to be, the “appointed son of God.”

We really don’t have any clue as to what gives him the right to demand that he’d be consulted by Digong in terms of his decisions as to who will sit as his cabinet. Maybe, as an “appointed son of God,” he has a direct line to the angels. Maybe somebody called him from “up there” and told him to be the adviser of Mayor Duterte. But we are guessing that Quiboloy can’t be THAT CRAZY, or could he?

The only logical explanation we have is that, he helped Duterte thinking that he would have a hand in running the government. His actions are pointing directly towards this premise, unless of course, our first assumption is correct. We do not understand how religious leaders, especially those claiming to be “TRUE” religions would have the gall to act in such a very entitled manner. Isn’t it that the bible tells us to help those who are in need without asking anything in return? Isn’t it that we are supposed to be selfless in helping others and not “help” for selfish motives? Isn’t this the basic premise of a Godly man? Isn’t this what it is supposed to be?

In a parallel universe where the TRUTH exists, we can all assume that every “godly” man is indeed Godly. No man who speaks of God should profit from the many ways he has helped others. Because in doing so, you are no longer working for the God you serve, but for the self that you so want to elevate into power. In a parallel universe, no one would ever follow a leader, a religious one at that, who acts all childish just because he was not consulted on important matters in government. In a parallel universe, no one is that entitled. But we are living in another dimension where religion stands to gain from the powers that the “anoint.”

And it makes us wonder why, after many religious sectors sprout from one point of the country to another, we remain to have leaders, businessmen, employers and the like who have only one god to worship, and that is themselves. Not because one speaks the name of the Lord, does it mean that he is indeed with the Lord. The bible warns us of false prophets. Our mothers have warned us of seeing the devils tail in seemingly “good men.” And this, JUAN is as clear as it gets.


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