15 Dec ‘I look like Darth Vader beside Sunshine Barbie’


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Darth Vader 1 copyJUAN SAYS: Here is a personal project of Powel Kadysz as published in Bored Panda, taking the Sith Lord as a normal guy with everyday problems. Indeed there lives a Darth Vader amidst all of us. That guy with much ambition who never really cared if he is stepping on anyone just to get to where he wants to be. That guy whom we perceive as so evil, so demonic that every time he walks into the room, the March plays in our heads. He could be our boss, our friend, our arch enemy, our father. But at the end of the day, they are simply people who still have a tinge in goodness in their hearts. Just like Darth Vader who saved his son Luke from death. Who then is the Darth Vader of your life?



Darth Vader 2 copy“I look like Darth Vader beside the Sunshine Barbie,” a familiar quote spoken by Blair Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl. Indeed there will be people like Darth Vader who would always look bad in the midst of all the “positive, cheery” people of this world. But haven’t we all noticed, those whom we consider as the “bitch**, the ass****” are those who move and shake the world? They are the doers, the dominant people who get things done. While they are properly mislabeled as “bad people,” we all have to realize that there is a certain good in our “bad ass” perceptions. Would we rather be with people who are “light and cheery,” yet do all things wrong or do nothing at all? Or do we rather give a chance to the “Darth Vaders” of this world and let them get things done without passing judgments or hurl insults at them? We don’t know about you, but our choice would be simple. We’d rather see action rather than flowery words which promises nothing.

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