26 Jan I ENVY AMERICA. Where Substance Matters. Substance.



JUAN SAYS: We are one of those who watched our facebook timelines get filled with stories of the Women’s March against Donald Trump over the weekend. And we, just like many of you, felt envious of America.


It is not because of the celebrities who took the stage without expecting to be paid that got our attention. It wasn’t even how Madonna freely “expressed herself” with the words “fuck you” directed towards their detractors, though we would really love to see the day when we, the people behind JUAN, would be able to go up the stage and say these cuss words to those we hate with a passion.

But as throngs and throngs of women, and the men who supported them, trooped the streets of their cities bearing their own placards expressing their indignation to the man that is Donald Trump. It is to say that we have been crying while seeing millions of people with the same mindset trooping the streets and voicing what they feel. It was no drama all right, but it was a sea, an ocean rather of pure substance.

The people who marched in the streets knew what they were talking about, what they were fighting for, and what they would be doing right after the said rallies. They knew, in their hearts, they knew what they wanted to say, and they demanded action.

And you know what the best part was, there was no religion, no priest, no cardinal standing on center stage to gather “the flock” so to speak. It was not a religious cause, an emotional outburst of the privileged few, but rather a solid stand on what they want – be it moral, ethical or otherwise. We would like to believe that each one of those who joined the march knew in their hearts what they meant and what they want to happen. No free lunches, no indulgence to the heavens, no nothing. It was to our eyes, the purest of intentions.

And the fight was clear. It was beyond gender. It was a fight against inequality amongst gender, races, and religion. It was in our eyes, a solidarity of sorts – one voice, one message, one fight.

With this, bigotry became clearer and clearer as many Republican politicians reacted.

Today, we begin to question the many things that religion and its vicars stood for when they trooped the streets of EDSA. What then is the meat of it? Freedom? Condemning what is bad to give way for the good? Where has this brought our country today? Our marches are filled with mediocrity, emotions on overdrive just because we have become fanatics to a certain faith. A faith that we don’t dare question.

We would like to live beyond our years to see the day when street protests in our country would evoke substance. Substance people. Substance. Know what you are fighting for.
We are in a war between the “Dutertards” and the “Yellows.” And the many warriors we’ve seen are just that, uninformed and fully opinionated warriors who have evolved to become critics and fanatics to their side of the world. How then do we rise up from this and add substance to the cause we are fighting for?

Many continuously post about the great “Leni” Robredo, but really, have you even convinced the entire country what makes her great? What has she done, well besides being the modern day Cory Aquino, which to us is quite questionable.

We continuously defend Duterte’s foul mouth and opinions on many things when in reality the man has foot-in-mouth disease. Surely we don’t expect much from the man who grew up living in the crossfires, but we would like to see some decency in his battle plan.

And to all of us Pinoys, yan na lang ba talaga ang pagpipyestahan natin? To criticize without really taking a stand? We are fond of criticizing, of putting out our opinions as if it mattered to the world. Nobody loses sleep with what you think because what you are saying is really a non-issue.

Sana sa susunod na may ipaglaban tayo, yun namang dapat na ipaglaban. Hindi naman sana yung may masabi lang. SUBSTANCE people. SUBSTANCE. Hormones lang yan people. Kumain na lang kayo ng potato chips.

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