21 May How Did the Kristeta Magic Die?



In the middle of this hulabaloo of alleged cheating and manipulation in the recently concluded elections, we felt that we are missing out on somebody. It can be remembered that a certain somebody has this crazy habit of putting herself in the middle of the situation, spinning it all around and making it about herself. Though we are elated that she is not in the country in anyway today, we can’t help but feel that something is at amiss. Where on earth is Kris Aquino?


It can be remembered that even from an early age, it was Kris Aquino who would win the hearts of people for her family. When her father, Ninoy Aquino ran for Senator in the last election prior to the declaration of Martial Law, it was Kris Aquino who stood on stage and delivered the speech written by her father, as he was at that time, incarcerated. It was Kris Aquino who appealed to the masses to vote for her dad. It was the charm of a little girl who was losing her childhood with a father due to the perils and evils of Martial Law. Bumenta? Oo. Bentang-benta. Awang-awa naman ang mga bumoboto dahil totoo nga namang nakakaawa ang batang si Kris.

Fast forward to 1986 when her mother became President which was the by product of the people power revolution. With her spiked hair, Kris Aquino was seen standing side by side with the family. Her simplicity back then won the hearts of many. Fans soon came out adoring the ever simple Kris, sans the make-up, sans the limelight. Everybody wanted to be her friend.

In 2010 where her brother Noy Noy ran for President, it was Kris who again, stood on the platform, winning votes for LP. It was Kris Aquino whom everybody wanted and loved.

But as she took the stage one more time in 2016 to campaign for Mar Roxas, her stars slowly dwindled. Kris is no longer the last secret weapon of the Aquinos to win the hearts of the masses, to win the hearts of the voting public. Kris, in this political arena has lost the shine in her stars.

What then happened to Kris?

At the start where Kris was just 15 years old and walking through the streets of EDSA, she came off as someone fresh – unassuming to be exact, a far cry from what the children of the former President were perceived to be. And if we were all to believe the saying “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree,” we all wanted to believe that Kris was somewhat like her mother – simple, uncomplicated. We liked her for being exactly that. We loved her even more for trying to stay away from the limelight, unlike Imee who back then was everywhere.

As she pursued her career in show business, we were all quite afraid for her, wanting to protect her from all the intrigues that show business may taint her immaculate image.

Her mishaps were broadcasted on television. But, unlike many others, it didn’t come off as an intrigue. It was, in fact, a self confession on her part. We knew Kris to be the woman who talks about her own dirty laundry. She didn’t hide her mistakes, further, she was the first person to admit when she did something wrong. Again, her stars stood brighter, and we, the unsuspecting Filipino viewers welcomed her brutal honesty thinking, at least “tao pa rin siya. Parang tayo, nagkakamali.” We were all forgiving of Kris Aquino, no matter if we missed out on early evening news to give way to her STD drama on TV patrol.

Kris depicted herself as a “sinner” and we were all for it. We all understood that because we too have skeletons in our closets that we were trying to hold back inside for fear. Kris released us from our fears of rejection, proving that it is okay to make mistakes. That even if you have a National Hero for a father, a former President for a mother, a politician for a brother, it is okay to make mistakes.

But slowly, we all got tired of Kris. It wasn’t just about her so-called “pagpapakatotoo” that got us off the Kris Aquino bandwagon. Maybe we all saw that the “pagpapakatotoo” part was becoming, well, too much to a point where it becomes fake. We all can’t be fooled anymore. And maybe, we all became more discerning, more aware that self-centeredness can be misconstrued as pagpapakatotoo.

There is a limit to relating oneself on issues. There is a point when even the most popular, the smartest and the most talked about person in the whole world SHOULD SHUT UP ALREADY. And we would like to believe that Kris Aquino crossed that line.

If there was a national issue, Kris would have her own set of mishaps – hospitalization due to fatigue, her love affair with Herbert Bautista, and whatever else stupid issues that came up during times of national crisis. Was it a deliberate tactic to come up with personal issues to take away the spotlight from more important issues? Or was it a deliberate effort to put oneself in the middle of the universe, because she thinks that’s where she is supposed to be? Either way, a good number of people didn’t appreciate the blabbermouth of Kris.

As the end drew near for the Aquinos, Kris nailed the coffin by riding the Presidential helicopters (5 at that) saying that it was for her safety. A plot to kidnap her by the notorious beheading bandits we know as Abu Sayaff was in play. Bakit ba pati ikaw magiging kidnap victim eh ang layo mo naman sa Mindanao? Anong ganap mo sa kanila? Taga-tilaok?

We all grew tired of the self-centeredness. We all grew tired of her dramatic episodes, her quirks, and her life inside her own bubble. Her posting of the income tax she paid the BIR didn’t sit well with all of us too. Ikaw na mag-broadcast kung gaano ka, ka-privileged dahil lang malaki ang taxes mo.

Kris forgot why the Pinoys loved her in the first place. She was the exact opposite of the women we all hated long ago – extravagant, pretentious. Sadly, she turned out to be just that. Now she is the woman whom many love to hate.


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