24 Mar Honest Reactions to Your Friends’ Facebook Posts



JUAN SAYS: We’ve been there. Done that and bought all the souvenirs.


  1. We don’t care what you think of other people.

Really, we don’t. We have our own way of formulating our ideas and perceptions of other people and what you say won’t really matter. That is just your opinion and that is not our problem.

  1. You are not as pretty as you think you are.

Selfies. Many of us are guilty of this. We have seen the over abuse of filters and editing tools that we want to declare photo manipulation as a form of art.

  1. Your close-minded opinions don’t really count.

Your ranting about the government doesn’t really count. Do you think the people in power care? They don’t.

  1. Go get yourself a legit diary.

What you eat, what you wear, what bag you have nor accessories you wear doesn’t matter. Again, what matters is who you are and what you stand for. Hopefully, your gray matter is as priceless as that bag you bought.

  1. We don’t get the need for an audience.

Sharing ideas is one thing, but to post to solicit views and likes? You think you are a pseudo-celebrity now?

  1. So you can afford a Louis Vuitton, so does every ‘monkey-eating eagle’ hooking up with a foreigner.

Ay magka-level?

  1. That’s why they’re called secrets. It’s meant to be kept.

Nuff said.

  1. OVERSHARING is not caring.

We have to deal with our shit, so we can’t really deal with yours right now. 

  1. I look forward to seeing my frenemies posts. It reminds me of what shit I’m not in.

*insert evil laugh here*

  1. It’s a constant reminder of the most stupid things you did.

If you have time hop and on this day, you know what we mean.



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