31 Dec HIV, Promiscuity and This Girl



JUAN SAYS: Days after Pia W was crowned Miss Universe in a much talked about pageant night, here comes the Philippine’s resident know it all giving her two-cents. We don’t know what made her feel that she was such an authority on the subject of beauty pageants much less the question and answer portion when she can’t contain herself from explaining her plight with STD in 30 seconds or less. Remember, it took the whole timeslot of TV Patrol to air her side of the story. Maybe in a different world she was Miss Universe, with her Kuya as her playmate. In that world she was the prettiest and most intelligent woman in the whole universe. And why do you have to live in that world of make believe until today is beyond us. So c’mmon Kris, stop talking about subjects you don’t know.


Here is a facebook post by Atty. Bruce Rivera on Kris’ “opinion” on HIV and promiscuity.

I watched Kris Aquino praise Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s answer in the pageant stating that it was correct to promote HIV awareness because it is a problem due to promiscuity.

I cringed and realized how even a key opinion maker like her know so little about HIV. And this is not to demean Miss Aquino because before I got to take a deeper look at the HIV problem, I also had the bigoted notion that it is the disease of the sexually adventurous individuals. So, if I just stick to one partner, I will never get the disease. That if someone gets HIV, that person should be accountable because that is the risk for being promiscuous.

I was so wrong.

Promiscuity will not give you HIV. Ignorance will. Complacency will. Lack of knowledge will. One can have a thousand sexual partners and not be infected with HIV because he or she never misses to use a condom. On the other hand, a young boy who only plays Dota will be infected with the virus on his first attempt at hustling.
Why is it dangerous to correlate HIV with promiscuity?

Because if Filipinos are made to think that HIV will only affect sexually promiscuous people, a great number of Filipinos will find no reason to be alarmed. And that is the reason for the 5% prevalence rate in this country. We find it unnecessary to focus on prevention programs and reality-based sex education to combat HIV. We simply focus on supporting the “pusits”, gay lingo for HIV positive people.

To a mother of a 17 year old son whom she suspects to be gay, HIV will not be a threat because his son is not promiscuous and has not been exposed to the demands of the flesh. “My son is a good boy, an honor student and he is responsible. He will never get entangled with such crowd.” They never had the sex talk because the mother is in denial of his gay son and the son is too ashamed to ask.

Worst, her son never got the advise in school because heterosexual sex was the only sex education taught. There is no person to talk to until the time he meets his first sexual encounter and the partners thereafter. Through time, he becomes a self-proclaimed expert in gay sex banking on his experiences and never having to deal with HIV despite unprotected sex. He becomes complacent and it only took one sexually unprotected encounter to dispel the myth of his expertise.

I am not advocating promiscuity. Promiscuity is overrated and tiring. At some point, you will just have to mellow down. The game of chance of HIV favor promiscuous boys and girls because as the saying goes, “The more entries, the more chances of winning”. But it gives us the false hope that you will not get to win the raffle with just one entry.

Because the truth of HIV is: ONE unprotected entry is more dangerous than ONE MILLION protected entries. Prevention should be our focus and not brand the disease as the ultimate punishment for promiscuity.

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