28 Aug He Too Will Be Waiting For You at Heaven’s Gate



JUAN SAYS: We at JUAN and a good number of people we know feel for dogs. Our hearts got crushed when we saw a post of an insensitive girl who bragged about her father killing the neighbors dog because it was too noisy. No we weren’t just crushed, we were enraged. And yesterday we say a post of a car hitting a dog on the street and escaping the responsibility of bringing the dog to a vet even when a fellow motorist has called its attention to help the limping dog.



Our hearts go out to dogs because we know how helpless they can be especially when hurt. Dogs are a lower form of species than humans. Unlike us, they can’t fend for themselves and need our utmost care for them to live. In return dogs are your most loyal friends. They wait for you when you get home, wag their tails in anticipation of your gentle pat. Dogs can give love, that’s one thing they are capable of. And like us, dogs have feelings too.


Unlike humans who can shut everything out (especially trauma), dogs, through their distinctive sense of smell can actually remember everything about their lifelong companions. They identify you by your smell and as they smell it they can recall vividly the memories that come with it. So if you continuously hit a dog, then the smell of you would remind them of pain. They carry within them a sensitivity that can actually be accepted in the court of law, as told by this article we read on the internet.
Dogs much like human beings only become fierce when they experience trauma. And unlike most of us, they don’t have the capability to process the trauma thereby leaving them agitated, scared and scarred for the rest of their lives. What we do not know if how we can become so cruel with dogs when many of their species have practically saved many of our lives, furthermore sacrificing their lives for the sake of their masters. If there is one thing we like about dogs, it is that they would die, willingly give up their lives for their masters.
As one post we have encountered on facebook goes, “to you, a dog is just part of your life, but to a dog, you are his life.” The relationship between a dog and his master have got us thinking, shouldn’t this be our relationship to our very own master – our GOD? If we were so good of a people, shouldn’t we be like a dog to the one who loves us unconditionally? Sometimes we treat dogs like shit and they still love us in return. God never treated us like shit does He? And even when we do treat Him badly he still loves us unconditionally.
With this thought, maybe dogs were sent to us from heaven, to teach us how to love like God. Maybe dogs really go to heaven when they die and wait for their masters at the gates of heaven when it is their turn to return home. Now wouldn’t that be a nice treat, your family, your loved ones, and your dogs, all waiting for you with open arms when you die?

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