21 Oct He is Cute. He is Hot. He is Canada’s Prime Minister Too.



JUAN SAYS: When did we ever care about international politics? As our facebook timelines were flooded yesterday with news of the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we couldn’t help but notice the sudden interest in the man. Let’s all be honest with our selves for just one minute. Admit it, we all never cared. Not even when Obama became the first Afro American President, we couldn’t care much less. And now this.
Don’t we all wish that our candidates were as hot, smart (and did we say hot?) as PM Trudeau. Our guess is elections would never be the same again. Temperatures will definitely be rising! And the precincts will definitely sizzle. Hot men with brains tramps over any corrupt official no matter how many P500 they give out to buy votes on election day.
The Prime Minister comes out as the newest darling of social media, not just in Canada but we are guessing all over the world! He is the second youngest prime minister to hold that position, and he comes from a family who has served Canada in that very position. His father was once a prime minister too.
He is no stranger to the media having starred in a mini series entitled “The Great War.” He also competed in a charity boxing event — (gasp) SHIRTLESS!
He is 43 and while we are all hoping that he is still single, he is already married with three children. Eh bakit pa ba natin pinabalita ito? Leche! Moving on!
Wag na wag tayong hahamon ng paggwapuhan ng presidente. Talong talo na tayo. Panot ang atin. Hay Malas!



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