23 Oct Hanggang Saan Nga Ba Ang Ating Pagka Makabayan?



JUAN SAYS: While many of us are busy reading and liking facebook posts that pertain to our hatred of certain politicians (that seriously, we know nothing about personally), this photo appears on our facebook timeline. An ordinary man who is doing his part as a citizen of this country. This makes us look back on the many times that we tried to avoid watching the last full show in cinemas because the Lupang Hinirang was to be played, and we deemed it as a waste of precious time because we wanted to watch the movie and finish it before we fall asleep. It makes us remember the many times the National Anthem was played and we stood on one leg because walking while shopping for clothes was NOT TIRING compared to standing on both legs and putting our hands on our breasts while singing the National Anthem for 2 minutes.



We have become so critical, so smart that the basics of what it is to be a citizen of this country takes a back seat, because criticizing politicians is a better way of expressing our love for country. Masyado tayong magagaling, masyado na tayong maraming alam, kaya’t kahit ito’y hindi na natin nagagawa.


When was the last time you stood up for our National Anthem?


From the post of Yasci Ylana Ynot

This is from a Facebook of (UN NAH LOU)


According to her, October 19, 2015 there was a program inside SM CITY (I dont know what Sm since it wasn’t stated-but the language was written in illonggo) the moment our National Anthem ay “tumugtog” this guy suddenly stopped and put his hand quickly right in his left chest. While other people were busy chatting, walking, shopping, eating and etc., that no one seems hearing our “National Anthem”. He didn’t move where he was standing until the song finished.

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This kind of people nowadays is rare to find.



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