21 Apr Foreigners speaking Filipino are ADORABLE!



So it seems like everyone (particularly us Pinoys) is going crazy about foreigners speaking our local dialects- Bisaya, Ilocano, Ilonggo and Tagalog. I’m sure you’ve come across at least one of these videos and may have been tempted to share it to the rest of your network.
Well we think one foreigner took the “WKSLK (Wala Ka Sa Lolo Ko)!” award. Not only could he speak Bisaya, he even shows off his Ilocano, Ilonggo and Tagalog! We’re sure he speaks way better than the average Manileño- who would most likely speak only Tagalog and/or English.
If you still seem to be clueless about what we’re talking about, here are our nominees for the “WKSLK (Wala Ka Sa Lolo Ko)?” award:


No. 4:  Yelena the Fil-German Little Girl


A cute Fil-German 3 year old who quickly learned to speak Bisaya in just 3 months! It was noted that they had gone to Cebu for a vacation and Little Yelena loved Cebu and the Philippines so much, she has started to get home sick!

No. 3: Bisaya American Marine


It may seem like the guy taking the video is talking to himself about this American Marine working on the computer. It seems normal at first and the marine looks as though he does not even understand what the guy behind the camera is saying. Only to surprise the viewer that he in fact understood everything the “camera guy” had been saying! He even goes on and tells a story of how other people (Filipinos, Cebuanos) thought he was clueless of what they were saying in front of him!

No. 2: Hey Joe Show


This video shows how American guys teach their friends how to speak Bisaya. Sumner, Connor, Jake, Tylan, and Davis make up the American ‘Bisdak’ (Bisayang Dako or very Bisaya). Though it isn’t sure yet if these 5 guys do in fact have Filipino blood or are just crazy like that to learn one of the 175 dialects of the Philippines.

No. 1: 4 Local Languages! WKSLK (Wala Ka Sa Lolo Ko) WINNER!!


This guy starts his video calling out to the foreigners claiming to know how to speak Bisaya. He goes on to show how well he speaks Bisaya, Tagalog, Ilocano and Ilonggo! Although he says a bit more of profanity, you pretty much get what he wants us to know. Yes, he is so far the best foreigner speaking our dialects. Kaya Mabuhay Ka Kuya! Walang tatalo sayo, ikaw na and winner!!

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