15 Oct Elites React to Everyday People Wanting to be President



James Arun Mangun
So there is so much indignation from the supposed “elite” and “enlightened expert” class on social media that a tricycle driver, a home economics graduate, a retired policeman, a Pinoy-Russian and an interior designer are all filing their candidacies for President, often citing the fact that they belong to lower economic classes and that they do not have the sufficient educational background required to become President, hence do not have the skill or knowledge to run a country and is a “reflection of our skewed political system” and our supposed “anti-intellectualism”
Except if these upper class lemmings, other than whining and showing off their supposed “expertise” and “superiority” ever dug deeper, would realize that change and the fight for a better country was always started from the BOTTOM. The architects of change and revolutions throughout history in many countries, were ordinary people. Even those with elite backgrounds who either started or join these movements lived as ordinary men. Our own heroes, such as Andres Bonifacio , Macario Sakay, and the co founders of the Katipunan, Ladislao Diwa and Deodato Arellano, were all from modest backgrounds. Even the members of the Illustrado class among our heroes, who founded the La Liga Filipina and Propaganda Movement all lived as ordinary men and fought for equality and things like a public education system, something that would incense these upper classes, who want to keep education accessible only to the well-off and keep the rest of the public uneducated so they can have a pool of cheap household help and “yayas”.
In the course of history, change NEVER happened by “enlightening the elite”, coddling with the ruling classes or selecting any of their representatives, It always starts from the masses, from the ordinary people who work and pay their bills who fight for change because they have a direct stake or involvement in society.


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