11 Jun Duterte’s Catcalling and Our Double Standards



JUAN SAYS: What does it feel like to be catcalled? More often than not, it would be a girl who would speak out first and share her mundane experiences of being whistled at, called sexy, cut on the road, stared at and what have you. But this experience is not exclusive to women, men too are being objectified, yet we don’t know how they feel about it. In a huddle of girls the chances that they are talking about a guy is extremely high. While many would like to believe that girls would just be talking about their heart breaks, their confusion about mixed signals that one particular guy of interest is showing them, it is not always the case. Girls too talk about how big a man’s ass is, or how they imagine that a guy of interest would take them to bed.


However, unlike guys who don’t really matter have the urge to say it out loud, calling us sexy, beautiful and what have you, many girls do not have the balls to do catcalls. And honestly, most of us girls wish that we could do just that.

In recent developments and the rise of hiding behind social media, women have started to be more empowered, stalking men of interest and expressing their desires through comments on facebook, fan signs and the like. Yeah, we do catcalling all right, and just because we are girls, we get away with it somehow.

So when girls type furiously on facebook saying how hot Baste Duterte is and how they think he is yummy on bed; when they harass a teener like Sandro Marcos and tell him how much they want him to insert his finger on their… well… you know what we mean, that is not catcalling? Hindi ba bastos din yun? When girls put up fan signs saying “(name of person) anakan mo ako,” isn’t that a form of harassment too?

“Aren’t they flattered that a girl finds them hot,” one girl asked. But if the tables were turned, would you? Clearly, we know the answer to that.

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