22 Jun Don’t Blame the Millennials. Blame the Parents.



JUAN SAYS: We have heard all the complaints about the new generation, those which we call the millennials. And we understand how privileged and annoying they can be. We understand that there is indeed something wrong with their entitlement issues. But truth be told, is this really their fault?


We do not know parenting because none of us here in JUAN are parents ourselves. But we do know how it is to be a child. We were all children once upon a lifetime. And if there is one thing we remember about our childhood, that would be we all loved mirroring. Remember the time when our fathers were our greatest heroes and our mothers were exactly who we wanted to be when we grew up? Remember how we all used to wear mom’s makeup and walk in her shoes just to get a feel of what it is to be a woman? Remember the time when we all had our first beer or round of scotch with dad? Remember how people said that we are exact carbon copies of our parents – from our noses to our mannerisms to our temperament? Yes, we all know that we are all who our parents were.

It is with this memory that we have come to the realization that the parents play a big role in molding their children to be what they are today – brats, to put it in a nutshell. Maybe because their parents were so demanding of them that they became more lenient with their own children. Maybe because they were so bent on their careers that they have forgotten that money does not equate love. Maybe sparing the rod was wrong.

Everything is just our speculation. All we know is whatever the parents do, children will follow. The best teachers we believe are not those whom we pay for, but those whom the children go home to at the end of the day. It is us whom they want to be when they grow up. It is our lives that they want to emulate when the time comes. Sometimes, many of us forget that. Our responsibility is not just to provide food on the table and roofs above their heads. Our responsibility is beyond loving them for who they are and encouraging them to be what they want to be. Our responsibility extends to the life we live.

Minsan kailangan nating mag-isip and answer this question: would you want your son or daughter to end up just like you? Yung pagkatao mo, yung mga decisions mo, yung mga relasyon mo kung hiwalay ka man at hindi mo na kasama ang ina o am ang iyong mga anak. Yan ba ang gusto mo para sa anak mo?

Kung hindi yan, bakit mo pa ginagawa? Nakakaapekto sa paghulma ng kung ano man ang magiging anak mo sa kung ano ka ngayon. Umaasa ka ba na hindi niya pipiliin ang mga pinipili mo ngayon?

We believe that it is the mindset that the parents have that brought about what their children are today. The endless prizes to medals they never acquired, yung pumasa ka lang bibilihan kita ng PlayStation mentality has brought about many of the traits we despise of the millennials. The “you are special” treatment even when they have not earned your respect nor have they proven anything to you as parents that brought about their entitlement. We are very sorry to disappoint you but your kid, none of us for that matter is special until we are measured by the contributions we have given to society and the world in general. Believe us, there is nothing special about being ordinary.

Tapos yung life choices natin bilang magulang, hindi pa maayos. San pa titingin ang kabataan ng kanilang tutularan? Sa TV? Sa telenovela? Sa facebook? Saan?

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