19 Aug CHEATERS Burn in Hell



JUAN SAYS: We’ve heard women cutting off the penis of their philandering husbands. But to set it on fire? She must be crazy. We all thought that this sort of craziness was exclusive to women and that men wouldn’t really care. After all, they are supposedly the stronger of the two sexes. But reality is, jealousy and philandering is not exclusive to any gender. People cheat and that is a fact. Cheaters cheat, and those who are cheated on weep. Or set something on fire. The woman set the penis on fire, while the man burned the house to the ground. “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned?” Think again. We would like to believe that feelings are not exclusive. Men and women when cheated on get hurt. Men and women both get jealous. Men and women both have the tendency to take revenge, because that is the natural course of action. Both men and women suffer from temporary insanity when they feel that their “territory” is being threatened or evaded.


Infidelity is wrong period. It is never justified. And it is never acceptable for both men and women. But do these “cheaters” deserve what they got? We are hoping that everyone who gets to read (and watch the video) will think hard before cheating on someone.

Click the photo to read the story of this man who burned their house because his wife cheated on him.


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