31 Aug Challenge UNaccepted: Another ‘Noble’ Way of Promoting Yourself



JUAN SAYS: We are glad that the black and white fad is over. Our facebook timelines were filled with people who posted black and white photos of themselves with the caption “challenge accepted.” Since many of us in JUAN aren’t exactly compulsive likers of facebook posts, we didn’t fall prey to this fad. We knew it was a scheme, another scheme to promote oneself on facebook. How it was presented had all the fingerprints we needed.


The mystery of what it was about didn’t get to us. We aren’t like many others who want to join the bandwagon just because. And if we did, we would have question the motives behind the “campaign.” A friend explained to us that posting a black and white photo was for cancer awareness, and if you did it, you are spreading it like well, a virus. Flood the timelines with black and white pictures so people will be aware of cancer? How is this even connected?

As far as many of us are concerned we are ALL aware of what cancer is. We have our own experiences with the illness that we all had a brush of reality with it. Our family, friends, acquaintances have or have succumbed to the disease. We all don’t need to be reacquainted with that to be 100% honest.

What we need is education, the real kind at that. We need to know how it is contracted, what we do with our lives that may alleviate our risks to contracting the disease. What we need to know is what are the basic signs, when do we bring ourselves to the doctor and if there is a cure for cancer, among many other things.

Surely our 101s with cancer (if that is really the intention of the campaign) doesn’t involve posting our photos on facebook.

Here is a post by Che Bautista which should open our eyes to the ridicule that your postings did. Now if you guys can just get rid of your “self promoting” bone, then that would be a great start. You’re welcome!


I know some friends would hate me for this post but for a daughter whose Mom died of brain cancer and a niece to Uncle and Auntie who died of lung cancer and leukemia and a cousin to a patient engulfed by eye cancer, I feel I need to say something on the latest craze I”m seeing in Facebook right now which is the CHALLENGE ACCEPTED CANCER AWARENESS” thing so please allow me to be satirical about it.

Your pretty black and white photo doesn’t make this world a better place to live in for cancer patients. It doesn’t talk about anything about Cancer awareness at all. Does your picture say something about tumor cells metastasizing to other body parts? Does it speak of harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy? How about the suffering of the patients themselves when you know that your chances of survival is so slim and you could just only hold on to your faith? Does your pretty smiling black and white photo depict how the loved ones and families of cancer patients feel when they are praying for additional years…months…days… seconds just so they could spend more time to show their love for their mom or dad or sister? Does it show the agony seeing your loved one, family or relatives slowly deteriorating and succumbing in the end? IT DOES NOT!!…so please let us all be sensitive about this. You don’t know how it is to lose someone who died of cancer. You don’t know the battle cancer patients undergo just to fight this disease. Rather than posting your dazzling black and white photo which only describes how narcissistic you are…wouldn’t it be more relevant if you share informative posts regarding cancer, join groups supporting cancer advocacy, say a prayer to a friend or family battling this illness or donate cash or medicine to less fortunate brothers who couldn’t afford to buy their medications instead? Just because its a fad or a craze doesn’t mean we have to assimilate and be part of it.

Kill me for this I don’t care!! You may have the right intention to increase Cancer awareness but believe me to those who are directly affected by it…its appalling!!

Maybe I’m being too sensitive about this but the hell…we are talking about Cancer here, an illness which has stricken too much pain and suffering to my family and I feel I need to say something about this crazy fad.

This is a picture of my Mom who died of brain cancer taken after she had her radiation and chemotherapy session. She only lived six months after she was diagnosed. We fought for her til the end. It was one of the most agonizing experience me and my family has ever had so it pains me to see how this sensitive topic is being misconstrued in social media.



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