06 Aug Boxing Champ Dares Rousey: Masipa Ka Nyan Makita Mo!



JUAN SAYS: Boxers cried foul upon reading the interview of Ronda Rousey’s trainer Edmond Tarverdyan in mmafighting.com. Tarverdyan says that Ronda had always won the single round fights with world boxing champions when they sparred at the gym. He further claims that Ronda can win a world title strap in boxing.
Two-time women’s boxing world champion Amanda Serrano meanwhile called out Tarverdyan’s statements and felt that it was disrespectful to the boxing community. She further calls Rousey’s style of boxing amatauer. (Read full story here)
We would like to believe that Ronda’s trainer was over enthusiastic with his comments during his interviews. Who could blame him when everybody watched the 34-second fight of Ronda and knocked the hell out of her opponent. Sadly, many times, over enthusiastic comments could insult other people without us intentionally doing so.
While we would like to empathize with the boxing world and say: go ahead punk and beat the sh** out of Ronda, we feel that it would rather be unfair for a trained boxer to ask for a boxing match with an MMA fighter, even if her trainer said things that may have irked some egos.
Let’s put egos aside and look at both disciplines as it is. Training for the MMA and boxing are two different things. Any fighter would know that the routines are different, the styles are different. We would like to believe that when Ronda was commended for her last fight, and people were in awe of her boxing skills, it is NOT to say that she is already at par and wishes to cross over to that discipline (no matter what the trainer may have bragged about). But it is to say her boxing (or the act of throwing punches) in the octagon suited well in her last fight. Bumulagta nga kalaban diba? In truth, there is no need for Serrano to ask for a fight with Ronda. Insults may be looked over if we just hold on to our egos. And insults can be avoided if we just hold on to our tongues. There is always dignity in victory, and silence is one of its manifestations. There is really nothing wrong with shutting up.



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