31 Dec Before there was One More Chance, there was Got 2 Believe



JUAN SAYS: Only the 90s babies would understand this post by Claudine Barretto, and only those who understood what she went through would be able to empathize with her as she posted an old love letter from her former boyfriend, the late Rico Yan. We can’t judge Claudine, nor can we say that she shouldn’t post things like this when she has already moved on from her life since the tragic death of Rico.


As we all have understood, in this lifetime, there will always be that one special person we will all have feelings for. Some call it “the one who got away,” but for whatever it is worth, it is that one special person whom we may all regret that we never pursued, we gave up on too easily, or we were just too stubborn to follow through.

As the New Year dawns, let us be reminded of this post from Claudine. Life is short. Say what needs to be said. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Take risks. Stop playing. Love like you’ve never loved before.

Yes, vote wisely. And never stop screaming PILLS! With or without reservations. (OMG. Where did this come from?)


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