01 Jun Anti-Rape Advocate Kat Alano responds to this disgusting picture



JUAN SAYS: Knowing how outspoken our former cover and Anti Rape Advocate Kat Alano is with regards to rape and sexual abuse, we were waiting for her to say something regarding this issue. It took some time for her to say her piece, but she still expressed her true feelings nonetheless. We may not know exactly the story behind this picture, but we can all agree that this photograph is disturbing. With or without consent, we can all agree that THIS IS NOT OKAY. Kat shares the Top 10 Rape Prevention Tips, and then some.
Read our initial reaction here.
So I’m a little late on the sexual abuse at a party conundrum but here are my two cents:
Any sexual attention given to a person without their permission is sexual harassment and acting on these impulses, touching, sucking nipples, grabbing crotches, asses, feeling up someone is SEXUAL HARASSMENT, ABUSE, and can cross over to RAPE if anything is inserted into a mouth or orifice.
Gets ninyo? No consent means DONT FUCKING DO IT.
If you are still one of these people that believe it is the fault of the victim, think about this. If someone broke into your house and started fucking you, would it be your fault? No. The ignorance in the Philippines is caused by the lack of education about the ‘new’ law (passed 18 years ago), which states that these are crimes.
Educate yourself and your fellow people.
IT’S SO SIMPLE. Respect people’s rights and HAVE SELF CONTROL. If you cannot control your sexual urges and need to molest and fuck people without permission, YOU need serious help.
FILIPINOS, how long are you going to allow this incredibly juvenile behavior? As if you are not smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Don’t disrespect people by touching them when they don’t want you to. If you have a problem, think of this: WAG KAYONG BASTOS AT MANYAKIS. Ang mga ugali niyo ay nakakasira ng buhay. Anyone who wants to attack victims and say that it is somehow their fault can go and volunteer to be abused and raped. At least then the people who don’t want it can be saved from this shit.
Your children suffer from your mistakes.


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