05 Apr Anong Klaseng Iced Tea Ang Iniinom Ni Asec Banaag?



JUAN SAYS: By now everyone sure knows that our President has a bad case of “foot-in-mouth” disease. Everyone wants him to shut up now. The more he comments the more we cringe. But this commentary is not about Duterte. We are done with this until he makes one serious boo-boo and lets the dogs out again.


But to have women, “respectable women” defend his otherwise lewd actions and reactions, is another thing. When Pia Cayetano tried to put into perspective her categorical answers to a student’s question about the President’s “catcalling,” we were shocked. A few days later, no less than Asec Banaag defends the President’s actions by saying that we, women are known to have a forgiving heart and that we should exercise it. Further, she makes this one absurd comment regarding catcalling

“On my part, as a woman, catcalling is relative, it depends on the person if they get hurt.”

Hindi na namin alam kung paano kami tatawa. Sandali lang, anong laman ng iced tea ni Asec Banaag at parang sabog lang ata?

The thing is cat-calling is the prerequisite to misogyny. It all starts with that. Women never found that flattering, not even if it is Piolo Pascual who would do the cat-calling. We have always said that a whistle is annoying, it sends the wrong message. While many men say that by whistling they are actually appreciating women, we feel that it is actually on the contrary. Hindi nga kami asong sinusutsutan. Truth be told, a woman who is at the receiving end of the whistle actually feels cheap. Sipol talaga ang katapat ko? Ganun na ba kababa ang tingin ninyo sa akin na pwedeng sipol-sipulan. Sa totoo lang, ang sarap manapak ng mga taong naninipol o di kaya tumitingin na parang manyak! Nakakababa ng pagtingin sa sarili.

Though we were told to ignore such cat-calls and not to actually engage (because in doing so, you are just taunting the fucking animal!), there will be many of us who would want to turn around and give a roundhouse kick to your freaking ass!

Any woman in her right senses would know that cat-calling is an insult and even when we don’t react (because we were told not to do so). Any woman would know that any man who whistles is one who has no breeding. Any woman in her right mind will not condone any disrespectful act to other women. Ang moralidad ngayon nakadepende na ba kung sino ang masasaktan? So kung walang masasaktan, ok na lang? Kahit mali? Kahit ang bastos? Ganun na talaga ngayon?

Her brave acts of defending such a behavior, no matter if he is President, reminds us of this quote from Margaret Thatcher “there is a place in HELL for women who do not help other women.” (Caps lock ours)

Are you ready for yours Asec Banaag?


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