29 Jun Ang SLEX ay Isang Malaking Skatepark



JUAN SAYS: So we’ve read over at Topgear of this roller-blading dude along SLEX and we couldn’t help but be stunned. Stunned about two things: firstly, his daredevil attitude of braving the fast passed vehicles that race through time along this big highway, and secondly, that he has not been arrested for doing so. We know for a fact that there are traffic enforcers and policemen roaming that area and helping ease the traffic at the bottleneck along the Magallanes flyover, so how come kuya roller blader is still free skate to his destination?
Just like in Topgear, we too are annoyed by motorcycle riders who think that they own the streets and feel that they are as big as the 10-wheeler trucks. Katawang bakal, parang mas matigas pa ang kaha nila sa kotseng dala natin. Tapos kasalanan mo pa kung masasagasaan mo sila. Eh anong tawag natin sa taong ito? We must admit, it is uncomfortable riding the MRT or any public transportation to work. It is annoying to be stuck in traffic in the early rush hours. But to risk your life just to be there on time? Martyr ka kuya! Oh we are just giving him the benefit of the doubt that he has some noble cause doing this, but yeah, it could be worse. He’s just making SLEX his skate park, with his life as the ‘prize.’
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