27 Jun And while we were concerned about our right to party



JUAN SAYS: While we were all busy fighting and saying our stand on the Valkyrie issue, here are stories that failed to catch our attention which, if we had softer hearts for human beings in general, transgender people or not, we would have introspected and maybe waged war against poverty, instead of “discrimination,” for not being granted the “right to party.” Yeah, we call that a first world problem. We aren’t exactly there yet.
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Their wanting for education tramps over poverty. Informal settlers in Navotas City found a cheaper and faster route to school, though not necessarily a conventional one. Kids aged 4-8 pass rough a hole in a wall, literally, and squeezing themselves through a canal. Pedicabs would cost P15 to P20 pesos, and since most of their parents are jobless or their daily wage is not enough for the entire family, they have found this way to be a “helpful.” P20 is P20, it can feed one mouth in the family. Kids who are too big to pass through the whole use a rope to climb over the wall.
And we scream discrimination when we are not allowed to party. What do we scream knowing their plight?
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Let’s admit it, there are days when we can be quite entitled often yaping about things that don’t really matter. We often complain about how badly our lives are without realizing that others have it worst. We often complain and make excuses while others go through worst things and still manage to hit the spot.
The student who posted it said it right:
“As a student, it gave me an inspiration to work harder. I’m fortunate my parents were able to send me to school. I seldom go to coffee shops to study, but this kid just hit me. You really don’t need much, you just have to be determined and focused on the things that you want to achieve,” Torrefranca said.
So what are you ranting about today?
Sisa Says: Some issues have become too puny to the lives we live. And yes we undertand discrimination because we always feel that too: a guy rejects us because we do not have boobs and we are fat. Our car breaks down and a talyer tries to put one over us by overcharging because they think we are women and we don’t know any better. But have you heard us ranting about it? NO. Because seriously, there are more important things in life than taking a selfie inside an exclusive club, getting your boobs done, and claiming glory for a Ms. Universe gown you supposedly altered, but actually did not.
So we give everyone, transgender people and biological men and women, a cause that is worth fighting for, not some club entrance.
Please do not throw your “you don’t know how we feel card” because in truth, the last time I checked, we are women too. We are human beings too. Yes biological women understand discrimination and we too took a long time fighting the notion that we are just what our uterus, ovaries and vaginas offer. We were reduced to being baby makers and slaves, nothing less. But that is behind us now. We all move on to better things. Show us a transwoman or transman who was raped and we stand and fight with you. Show us a group of transpeople helping aged transwomen who can’t pay rent and we rally with you. Show us a young transexual person who would want to wear a tutu, and nails a quadruple pirouette and pulls in 13 fouettes and we will support her bid to dance the lead in Swan Lake.
Because some things are just more important, and some things have more worth fighting for.


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