12 Sep And we are all shocked because?



JUAN SAYS: We don’t get this. Seriously, we don’t get this. Sexy round girl-cum-TV host-cum whatever else allegedly admitted on the podcast Good Times With Mo that she had an affair with a “former coach turned executive,” further dropping hints on what this person looks like pointing to a certain fixture in the PBA Arena. Hours after it was broadcasted, that particular episode was taken down due to “legal reasons.” What we don’t get is how come this has become so controversial that the #Alpob has generated 5-million impressions on Twitter according to Mo Twister himself. We just don’t get why this is controversial.


Firstly, affairs are all over the country, be it in show business, in sports and heck, even in high society. Nagiging “norm” na ang pagiging “puta.” So anong bago dun? The girl in question doesn’t deny her supposed indiscretion, in fact, she was the one who broadcasted it to the world that she had this indiscretion. And if we read it right, it doesn’t mean anything to her. She certainly isn’t ashamed of it because if she were, she wouldn’t have brought the subject unto herself. If anything else, she is using it to her advantage! Saan ka pa nakakita ng babaeng PROUD to announce to the world na isa siyang KABIT! Bigyan ng jacket yan!


Huh? Mag-a-upload ka ng ganitong video sa fan page mo tapos hahanapan natin ng respeto sa sarili? Joke ba ‘to?


Muscle control… Glute muscles, i mean. Goodmorning! #bootyisolation

Posted by Abby Poblador Official Fan Page on Sunday, August 30, 2015

Secondly, the man in question is not exactly a celebrity. And even if he was, who the fuck cares? Aren’t we all too familiar of sportsmen having affairs all the time? Kaya nga sila tinawag na “player” diba?

Seriously, we don’t get the controversy of this kaputahan. We don’t. We simply don’t!

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