26 Oct An Open Letter To Aldub Nation: Do you understand what this means to the Lumads?



JUAN SAYS: If there is one thing that you should be proud of as you paid for your ticket to Eat Bulaga’s “Ang Tamang Panahon,” it is this: you are giving away your money to a group of people who are deprived of education, who have their schools stormed to nothing in the name of militarization, who have their teachers killed by the military point blank, and who themselves are terrorized by these attacks, all in the name of GOLD.
The Lumads, a tribal community that is being annihilated down south are amongst the recipients of the Aldub Libraries that are being donated by Eat Bulaga with the help of the Aldub fans who shelled out cash for their tickets to the recently concluded 36th Anniversary show at the Philippine Arena.
The said library is more than just a collection of books that are waiting to be opened by excited students. The library is a repository of knowledge, a chance to be educated. You are equipping the Lumads with the much needed ammunition to combat their enemies, by letting them know that they have rights. By exposing the Lumad children in Eat Bulaga, you are telling our government that you are aware of the killings, that you are supporting our ethnic tribes and you are behind them as they fight for the land that rightfully belongs to them. By showing their faces on television, you are giving a clear sign that many will be aware of the plight of the Lumads in Mindanao.
If only every member of the Aldub Nation would come to know and understand what is happening with the Lumads. If only every member of the Aldub Nation would tweet about the Lumads and making it trend on twitter with the hashtag #AldubForLumads then maybe the whole Philippines and the whole world would focus their attention on our marginalized tribes. Maybe oppression of our ethnic tribes will end. Maybe with the mighty force of the Aldub Nation, the government will finally listen. Maybe you can give more than just a library. Maybe you can give them back their lives.
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