03 Jul A Christian Pastor poses a Challenge to how we Treat our Gay Family Members



JUAN SAYS: It will be very easy for everyone to post a disgusted comment about the recent developments in gay marriage in the US because we, heterosexuals don’t walk in their shoes. As we have read in one article, we think that we have fully accepted them because we have a good number of gay friends. We hang out with them, laugh with them, and go as far as objectifying men (for the hetero girls) with them. But in truth, this is not all there is to it. The question still stands, how much have we accepted them really? When what they need and what they are hoping for cuts right across what we have believed to be the truth as dictated by our religion, where do we really stand with them?
It is a question that many of us heterosexuals have been brewing in our hearts since the announcement of the US Supreme Court last week. How do we reconcile our love and friendships with our gay friends, without judgments and prejudices, with our own belief system? In reality, this is one question that plagues us the most.
We read this article on the internet on how a Christian parent pastor responded when posed with the question how he would react if one of his children turns out to be gay? (To read the full text, click the photo below)
If a Christian parent pastor can be this forgiving with their child, we should be with them as well. If a Christian parent pastor can be this accepting, we should be as well. In reality, we heterosexual and Christians at that could only guess what is going on in the brains and hearts of the homosexuals. We can only speculate that this lifestyle, these gender choices are “just tendencies because of environmental influences, etc. etc.” That they are only justifying their actions, and sometimes “twisting the truth” to fit their own. Sa totoo lang, don’t we also do personal interpretations of the bible, of the word, and have the tendencies to twist it according to how we want to believe it? Sa totoo lang.
It is not just about love, but maybe more of God’s mystic persona and holiness (as repeated in the bible) that enables us all to love and reach out to these homosexuals, not to condone nor discriminate, but to share God’s love to them as it was once shared to us. Let us be forgiving, as we too were forgiven. It has been said that our beliefs do not make us who we are, it’s how we act on those beliefs. If we preach that we serve a God who loves everyone and who welcomes everyone with open arms, we should be able to love the same way.


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