28 Apr A Change in Perspective to Cure the Burnt Out



JUAN SAYS: When it comes to good weeks, we would be the first to tell you that this isn’t one of them. It’s a mixture of stress, deadlines, and personal things all at once. And we are sure that many of you are in a roller coaster ride too. Who isn’t? When life has always treated us to such a ride.
We’d also be the first ones to tell you that we can we relentlessly optimistic. When things go awry we would be the first ones to cheer each other on and reassure that everything would turn out fine. But for some of us, we would lay low on the optimism from time to time acknowledging the fact that we too are humans – we fall. We succumb to negative thoughts, relish in them and go downward spiral. As our friends and workmates see us falling in misery, they try to talk to us, give us the routine pep talk and we would be on our way. But for some days, it isn’t that simple. We fall, hurt our selves, bang our shins and when we’ve knocked ourselves down, we kick out the negative thoughts, pick ourselves up and look forward to the days ahead.
It is so easy to be mad at the world when you don’t get what you want. What takes courage is to still believe in the best in life, in people, and in yourself when you get maddeningly disappointed with life. That is what being brave. The willingness to accept that you are human – you fall flat on your face, give yourself sometime to sulk, but know that after two tear drops it is time to stand up where you fell and begin again. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective – and this calls for bravery too.
It begins with realizing that there are things that you should be grateful for – a car to drive around, no matter if its beat up and the aircon is acting up in this sweltering heat; friends who drag your ass to coffee breaks just to hear out what is going on in your life; a family who loves you no matter what; and that one dance routine that you keep nailing and nailing at dance class where you feel that you are a star. You have been blessed, maybe not exactly what you want to be blessed with, but you are blessed nonetheless.
To help you pick yourself up after the first day of work, here’s an inspiring quote from Janka Cederstam to get change this week around. Again, it is a matter of perspective.


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