24 Sep 70% of Your Intelligence is From Your Mom



JUAN SAYS: While we are all led to believe that women are more emotional, and men are more logical, science throws us another theory which contradicts these beliefs in the moment of conception. Smart people should thank their mothers for the gray matter in between their ears. Science says that women (those who carry the X and X chromosomes, not the X and Y who felt that they were women all along) carry the intelligence genes. According to science. the biological females carry the XX chromosomes while biological males carry the XY chromosomes. Intelligence is carried by an X chromosome so it is more likely that one inherits their intelligence from the XX and biological contributor. 


We have known this for quite some time as our mothers (well, Sisa’s mom for that matter) has repeatedly reminded us that 70% of our brain comes from the mother. 

So what does this mean? If you want to have smart children, marry a smart woman. Stop looking at the boobs, unless you are good with having idiots for children! You are not GOD’s gift to women, but smart women are definitely God’s gift to you. 

Now kiss your moms today and say thank you for being smart. 

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