13 Sep 13 Fucks We Don’t Give



JUAN SAYS: We came to a point where we no longer care. It is with utmost sincerity when we say we have been through all the drama and all the shit that made us what we are today. We have stopped caring about many things, and learned to live our lives as it should be lived. If there is one thing that we do give a fuck about, it is to be happy. We are no longer the person who walks on eggshells when it comes to other people’s feelings. We are no longer the person who is afraid to say what we want to say, feel what needs to be felt and say fuck when we mean fuck.


We found this article from theBolde.com that perfectly describes the kind of sanity we have right now. Not giving a fuck, as our title says, will set you free.

Giving a fuck about other people’s opinions. Gah! Other people’s opinions, especially when they’re about you, should be moot once you’ve become a grown woman. It’s when you let the opinions of others dictate your life that your life becomes a cesspool of negativity and a total waste.

JUAN SAYS: Remember, their opinions don’t bring food to your table.

Giving a fuck about ridiculous fashion rules. No white after labor day? Fuck it. No horizontal stripes unless you’re a size 0? Fuck that fucking shit. No bikini or mini-skirt after 30? In the immortal words of bikini kill, suck my left one. Seriously.

JUAN SAYS: Wear what you want to wear. We are in our 30s, and we wear mini-skirts. The men of JUAN should try that too.

Giving a fuck about your ex. You broke up for a reason and that reason is probably somewhere between him being awful and him being the worst, so it’s your job not to give any fucks about him or what he might think of you.

JUAN SAYS: Ang sinuka na, hindi nilalamon ulit. Hindi tayo aso. 

Giving a fuck about being polite in bed. As a grown ass woman, you’re not just a walk-on in your bedroom, but the fucking star. If you don’t get what you want and how you want it, you throw being polite out the window and woman-the-fuck-up about it.

JUAN SAYS: We don’t fake it. And we say it to your face. So fuck like a pornstar!

Giving a fuck about biting your tongue. While in your earlier years some situations may have called for biting one’s tongue, it’s time to fuck that. If someone says or does something that pisses you off or disrespects you in any way, then speak up. Even if that person is your boss.

JUAN SAYS: Or, turn around and walk away. The unfriend button will set you free.

Giving a fuck about ending toxic relationships. Some people are bad for us! Some people, even if they’re not cognizant of it, are horrific, toxic influences in our lives. You have no more fucks to give them or what your life will be like without them – it won’t be a loss, that’s for sure.

JUAN SAYS: Yes, even if they are family. There is a limit to everything. And don’t let anyone cross the line!

Giving a fuck about your mistakes. Your mistakes do not define you; they’re merely pieces in your life that have made you who you are. That is all. Mistakes do not hold you back, do not open doors to judgment, or ruin your life. They’re necessary obstacles and not only do you not give a fuck about them, but you’re practically grateful for them.

JUAN SAYS: Yes, even that dumb ass who broke your heart and let you hang dry. Do NOT lament over it.

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT FITTING IN. Some people spend their whole lives trying to fit in only to realize that those who want to belong are just fucking boring! Why would anyone want to be another sheep among millions of sheep? No thanks. Fly your freak flag and roll solo.

JUAN SAYS: The strongest of us do not strut in packs. We can stand alone.

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA. In some not so breaking new, social media is not real life. People “liking” your tweet or “unfriending” you on Facebook is not something to get your panties in a twist over. In other words? You have no fucks to give on this front.

JUAN SAYS: Some of us in JUAN are not even facebook friends. Does that make you feel any better? Who cares if you are not connected on social media, as long as you are running on the same wave length, who the fuck cares!

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT HAVING THE “PERFECT” BODY. You have the perfect body for YOU and that’s all that matters. Now reach for those Doritos and order another pizza, for fuck’s sake woman!

JUAN SAYS: We are not giving you an excuse to be fat. What we are saying is we may not have the perfect body. We may have flabs in the wrong places. So what?

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT STATUS SYMBOLS. Owning a Louis Vuitton bag or only wearing Chanel makeup is not going to make you a better person. Also, who even knows if that mascara is Dior or fucking Maybelline?

JUAN SAYS: Or Ever Bilena.

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL.There will always be things that are out of your control, and when you quit giving a fuck about them you’ll finally feel free.

JUAN SAYS: As we’ve always said, if we’re gonna lash out on someone just because, will this make things better? We guess not.

GIVING A FUCK ABOUT NOT GIVING A FUCK. In life, you need to choose your battles. You need to decide what deserves your fucks and what doesn’t. When you give a fuck, give it 150 percent, when you don’t also give it 150 percent. You should never half-ass anything, especially your fucks.


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