08 Oct What We Don’t Get About Feminism and Gender Equality



JUAN SAYS: We may laugh at this video, or we could all cringe at what this guy did to this woman. Many of us will surely have judgments, and if thoughts could kill, this man just died many times over. But you see, here lies the problem. Women look for chivalry yet fight for equality. Clearly many women who pose themselves as feminists do not understand what equality entails. Further, many of us have become self righteous bitches thinking that we are always better and, above and beyond the men. We like beating our drums to the sound of girl power, yet we all react negatively to men who wouldn’t give us a seat when we are standing in traffic inside the bus. Let us make this clear, equality is not about superiority, nor is it a privilege that just because we have vaginas we already feel entitled to the “respect” or consideration of the “stronger sex.” BUT we want to be treated equally? Those two things do not go together. Seriously.


So what is it that women want? Equality or that form of respect that was taught to us by our lolos and lolas? We can only have one. We all can’t have our cakes and eat it too.

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Posted by Danny Gonzales on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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