01 Dec Would you want to be Dutdut by Duterte?



Here is the link to our theme song for Filipinos who will be voting this May 2016. Yep, we are all holding out for a hero.




JUAN SAYS: If there is one clear indication of the people’s clamor for a Duterte presidency, it would be this: we are holding out for a hero. We have seen how this mayor has managed to turn the deranged city of Davao into one of the safest and most disciplined cities in the world that we too are drowning in the illusion that he can make the same changes through out the entire nation. The thing is Davao is smaller compared to the whole country, and sadly what a mayor may be able to do in one city doesn’t automatically translate to success for the whole country. Davao has been so stricken with violence back in the day, gunshots were heard almost everyday, dead bodies lined the vacant lot in Matina, that Davaoenos were sick and tired of living in fear. This fear has resulted for them to put a certain “kapitbahay” in the city’s top post and they, the sickened Davaoenos voluntarily followed the no-holds barred, no nonsense, kesehoda at lecheng human rights RULES that the Duterte government imposed during his reign.

But the question is, are Filipinos that sick of what is happening to the country that we too would blindly follow Duterte’s barbaric ways of getting things done? Would we too voluntarily stop bullying the government and skirting the laws so the results will be to our personal favor? Handa ka na bang mag-yosi sa ilalim ng init ng araw? Handa ka na bang lumunok ng sigarilyo kung hindi ka sumunod. Handa ka na bang mag-drive ng 40kph sa SLEX/NLEX kahit holiday at walang traffic? 

We are all indeed holding out for a hero. A picture perfect hero that we can liken to a cartoon, or movie characters that we have grown up to adore: the Robin Hood to Maid Marian’s. The Mighty Thor. Hercules. But as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte unfolded himself to the public, we slowly realized that Filipinos are not looking for a hero. They are waiting for Prince Charming.

photo from inquirer.net

photo from inquirer.net

If there was one thing commendable about Duterte’s move, it would be the fact that he is honest. He didn’t give his opponents the chance to unearth his skeletons and bring them out, he brought it out in broad daylight. In truth, we at JUAN appreciate the honesty, at least we won’t be hearing rumors from “reliable sources” that a certain president was banging certain generals, public officials, and that women were being brought inside the palace to be banged for a night or two. There will be no speculations, no surprises. It will be a given. What is the worst that Duterte can do to Malacanang? Make it into a brothel? Anong bago dun?

However, shouldn’t it be that a person’s honesty is a given. Shouldn’t it be that honesty IS the MINIMUM EXPECTATION for every human being. And just because one is honest does it make them right.

In reality, Duterte paints the true picture of what most Filipino men truly are, well at least more than half of them. He is the typical dirty old man who preys on the desperate younger women who would want to escape poverty by offering the only thing they have, SEX. Sadly, many women have frowned upon men like Duterte. The women who are in the 30s and 40s were raised by men who are like Duterte, sick perverted bastards. We have all grown up to despise men like him. Luckily, many of us have grown to be self sufficient, vowing never to let any man prey on our needs. Some of us were raised by good men, those with integrity who have managed to keep their dicks where it is supposed to be. And we have all made a vow NEVER to engage ourselves with psychotic bastards who’d plug their “juniors” in any pegs they could find. Round, square, it really doesn’t matter. Basta butas, pasak na lang ng pasak. We have all grown up fighting against men like these, and truth be told, women have become stronger than ever. Men have started to be dependent on women. Gone are the days of male chauvinist pigs like what Duterte shows himself to be. Ang kapal naman ng mga mukha ng mga lalaking umaasa na sa asawa nila upang lumamon, may gana pang mambabae. Tibay na lang talaga ng sikmura nila.

He is sleezy, he is mean, he is a bad ass, and the ugly truth is, he is exactly what most men in the Philippines have become — a perverted power asshole. Pero sa totoong buhay, hindi siya nagiisa. Look around you, watch TV, you would be scared to know what we at JUAN know about those who screw unsuspecting women who desperately need work because of a sick father, with 10 mouths to feed.

This is probably the biggest reason for the uproar, for the strong willed women to abhor Duterte’s statements. This further proves our notion that we are all holding out for more than just a hero. We are dreaming of a Prince Charming President, who, as we very well know, does not exist. Duterte can never be the good guy who walks around with perfect hair and waiting for the chance to save people. He is not. He is a flat nosed, dark horse womanizer who takes things into his own hands, never mind if he walks on people’s rights, as long as he gets things done. That is the truth of the matter.

And to top it all, Duterte decides to be casual about things and his foul-mouth has irked the ire of many. Ikaw na, murahin mo ang Santo Papa. Expression or not, we all cringed at what he said.

But the real issue here is this, while we are all zeroing on the true self of Duterte, we are engaging ourselves in a battle where no one wins. We are submerging ourselves in mud slinging, instigated by him, getting different reactions from all of us. Have you checked your facebook timelines lately? It is full of one name, and one name only DUTERTE. That is one brilliant campaign strategy.

Good or bad publicity is still publicity. You and I are continuously talking about him. Those for him have the same audibly loud voices as those who hate his guts. And you know where the magic is? We are only talking and debating on one name, and one name only, and that is HIS.

Binay, Roxas, Poe – all we see are the negative feels on their stunts. Hindi umeepekto ang kanilang “tried and tested” formula of “paawa” and “pa-masa.” Duterte is introducing a new strategy and that is “to be yourself.” And no matter how distasteful his real self is, we would take it any time, any day rather than succumb to the antics of presidentiables who project themselves as one with the “masang Pilipino.” Gasgas na kasi ang formula na yan. Si Poe at ang tatay niya. Si Roxas at ang masang Pinoy. Si Binay at ang pagiging nognog. Si Miriam lang ang pwedeng tumapat kay Duterte. Kailangang yakapin niya ang kanyang pagiging BALIW!

photo from inquirer.net

photo from inquirer.net

Duterte’s campaign strategy serves as a breath of fresh air where we all say finally, somebody owns up to who they are and isn’t ashamed of it. And if you think Duterte has gone too far with his cursing the pope, we would like to believe that it is all part of his plan. He knows he has “foot-in-mouth” disease, and he is using it to gain media attention. Don’t we all love his sound bytes? Don’t we all agree that once in a lifetime we too have cursed while in traffic, cursed the APEC leaders, cursed our parents. Seriously, it is only him who had the balls to say it out loud.

As Duterte has plainly presented himself for who he is, we now have the time to think about voting for him. Do we vote based on our illusion of wanting a Prince Charming for a president? Or do we vote based on his stand on issues, his ways on how he will get the job done?

We have to get out of our fairytale delusion. Let us all be reminded that we are electing a president, NOT finding a husband, so all our illusions of what a man ought to be must fly out the window. Or not. But while Duterte leaves everyone in complete confusion, he has everything to gain. We are all talking. And that is what he wants — on his lap, kissing our cheeks and getting a hard on from it.

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