08 Oct Why Senator Manny Pacquiao Would be a Disservice to Filipinos



JUAN SAYS: Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao declares his desire to run for the Senate in 2016, read the headlines a few days ago. And many, unlike his wins and losses in the ring, are not taking it like a national holiday – a breath of fresh air.
While many of us adore Manny, the boxer, many of us will not vote for Manny as a senator. We would like to believe that his track record as a congressman will speak for itself. Just this year, the Inquirer released Manny’s attendance record in Congress – out of the 34 sessions, he was only seen in the plenary hall 4 times. His excuse was that he had fights to prepare for, which we all know takes a good number of months to focus and train. He even went further by saying that you don’t need to attend the sessions to help the people.
What Manny Pacquiao failed to realize is that by running and actually winning a senate seat, he is doing a disservice to the Filipino people. If he thinks that building roads, public schools and the like are the main concerns of a congressman, then he is gravely misinformed. Congressmen are elected by the people to be their representative in the lower house to create laws that could HELP them. And by being absent in the sessions, he is failing the lone district of Saranggani of the mandate that was bestowed upon him. If he has failed his own province two times (he has been congressman for 2 terms already), then he is set to fail the nation once he becomes a senator.
We would like to believe that every person has his own calling. Pacquiao’s is to bring pride to the nation through sports. Why do we say that? Because that is where he is most blessed. If indeed his calling was to be a public servant, a law maker at that, shouldn’t he be blessed in that area too? And if indeed it is his calling, it should be his passion – a resounding message in his heart. And if so, why is he putting public service his last priority? If this was his passion, shouldn’t “helping people” by making laws in Congress take precedence over boxing? Tapos magiging senador?!
This should also serve as a lesson for all of us. Not because we feel we want to help does it mean that people need our help in areas where it is NOT really our calling. Let us be vigilant with ourselves too. Sometimes our “help” is not what others need. We should stick to our respective callings where we are needed. In Manny’s case, it is NOT lawmaking. Definitely.


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