31 Oct Why I Have To Defend Mocha Uson Even If I Don’t Agree With Her



JUAN SAYS: We too are confused. Why are we looking for credibility from bloggers like Mocha Uson when a blog is just a blog — a space in the world wide web to express one’s personal opinion. We don’t necessarily believe everything that Mocha Uson says, but just like Atty. Bruce, we too believe that everyone must be given the freedom to speak — credible or not. 



by Atty. Bruce Rivera

A fellow lawyer and co-faculty of San Beda sent me a picture of a certain post by Dino defending their petition to stop Mocha. And true to form, very credible and intelligent lawyer Jesus Falcis commented on my post accusing me that I am not credible.

Point taken. I am not credible and Atty. Falcis is. Siya na ang pinakamatalinong abogado. Kuntento na ako sa pinakamaganda. But the thing is, I do not need to be credible. It is my blog. A private page where I express my thoughts. I am not ABSCBN or GMA that has to be credible because they deliver the information. So if they misinform, it is but proper to enforce accountability.

Thing is, hindi kami media company. We do not need to be credible. If people do not find us credible…there is the unfollow or block button to click. Thing is, people follow us.

Is it our fault? No.

Perhaps the reason is, many Filipinos are looking for people like Mocha, Sass, Orion, Contreras and many more because they cannot findi credibility in the mainstream media. So, why chastise us, Atty. Falcis? Nagsusulat lang kami ng mga saloobin namin at kung binabasa ng tao…kasalanan ba namin?

If I were you, credible lawyer, force our media to be credible so that people will not be forced to get information from Mochaun and legal analysis from me. Better yet, build your own following so you will not have to stalk me and debate with me because people believe you more. Kaya mo yan. Ako nga na bobong abogado, may 50k followers, ikaw pa kaya na matalino at credible.

I may not agree with everything that Mocha posts at napipikon ang iba sa inyo sa reach niya. In the same way, napipikon kami sa sinasabi ng Dos at Siyete. But may obligasyon ang Dos at Siyete maging credible. Kami ni Mocha…wala. GL ang puhunan. Ganda lang. Kasi blog namin, kung anong sabihin namin dun, amin yun. Walang basagan ng trip.

Call me tangang abogado. Okey lang yan kasi opinion mo yan. And I do not need to charge you with libel kasi tanga naman talaga ako. Lalo na sa pag-ibig. Pero sa legal ethics, may tinuro sa amin, you have to be courteous to your fellow members of the profession. The IBP Discipline Committee will just see your post and there is no proof of truth needed.

Di ba may tinuro sa atin sa law school:

If may not agree with what you may say but I will defend your right to say it. So, Atty. Falcis, I will defend your right to say that I am not credible. The least you can is do the same to Mocha. Kasi sabi nga ng lawyers oath which we all took that we will uphold the Constitution. Or baka may na-miss ako na alam mo since mas credible ka. Sensya na, San Beda lang kasi ako.

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