17 Sep Why Binay’s Roasting Was a Wise Move



JUAN SAYS: Maybe you think that Binay is going down after he was lambasted by UP students at a forum he graciously attended. We’d better think again. Just when one is losing, one is actually using this perfect tactic to get to his voters – ang masang Pilipino. The masa can totally relate to him even more now, after identifying with the feeling of being ostracized by the “intelligent” class. He painted a class struggle and upped the ante of the masa’s feelings. On this count, Binay is winning. WTF!
By David Yap
A lot of people were baffled at Vice President Binay’s decision to attend a forum in UPLB. Why would he willingly attend a forum full of people chomping at the bit to eviscerate him? The answer is simple – he wanted to get eviscerated.
You see, the students of UPLB, the middle class to upper middle class users of Twitter, the people who are celebrating his public roasting are NOT his voters. He knows that he will never convince these people. His attendance was not about convincing these people – it was about drawing a sharp contrast between people who oppose him and people who support him. His attendance and subsequent public “humiliation” at the hands of the perceived middle-class and upper-middle class lends momentum to the idea of a class struggle. He wanted to show people how he would be brutalized by university students upon graciously accepting an invitation to a college forum. He doubled down on his supporters.
The irony is that this class struggle was created, albeit inadvertently, by his detractors. Slogans like “no to nognog” and memes making fun of his skin color and his looks placed emphasis on the distinction between his supporters and his detractors.
What he did wasn’t stupid. If you thought that it was stupid then you are underestimating your opponent. What he did was an intelligent and calculated decision underpinned by a recognition that the poor and lower income classes outnumber the wannabe illustrados.
Just like what Denzel said in Training Day: This shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.


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