20 Nov When Prince Charming Failed to be the Hero



JUAN SAYS: It is more than broken hearts that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left her in the Philippines as he steps foot into the plane that would bring him back to Canada. While many of us were gushing over this #ApecHottie and screams of fans can be heard as he walked towards the Apec meeting hall, his sizzling temperature drop down when we all heard his answer to TV personality Tina Monzon-Palma’s query regarding the toxic waste brought by Canada to the Philippines. Our “feelings” turned cold to say the least, as he tried to skirt his way around the topic.


We would have loved to see this “Disney Prince” look a like turn into a “Knight in shinning armor” by giving the assurance that Canada will no longer make our country its across the seas dumping site. We would have loved for him to be our hero this time around. We would have loved for him to say to his men to bring home the waste and find a place to dump it where it belongs. We would have loved for him to say that there will be no more garbage being sent to the Philippines and that this country is NOT a toxic waste management facility. Yung ganun ba. Hindi yung tungkol sa loopholes. Anak ng loophole! Kailangan pa ba yun kung maliwanag na hindi tama ang ginagawa ng isang bansa? Here lies the problem, Trudeau is no hero. He is a poster boy of hope, period. Katulad ng mga pangarap nating makapaghanap ng gwapong Prince Charming, pero sa huli’y palaka din pala ang peg! Sana pinabalot na nya ang mga basurang ikinakalat ng bansa niya sa Pinas at itapon pabalik sa kanila. Mas ikatutuwa pa natin kung isama na si Kris Aquino!

Sadly, he was no hero. He is just like any other politician in the country who has no balls to stand up for what is right. If Trudeau wanted to forge a good partnership with the Philippines, he should’ve committed to ending this problem once and for all. Eh, may commitment issues din kasi si kuya! (Sigh). Sana mabigyan ng “balls” ang isang ito! Paging PUTIN!

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