04 May What We Should Understand about the #MayPac Fight



JUAN SAYS: We found this on the internet (facebook account of a boxing fan named Chris Cooke) and can’t help but wonder what happened (and we know it’s not just us). It was clear the Pacquiao was assigned the red corner, and Mayweather was given the blue corner. But if you take a closer look at the scorecards, the official judges appeared to have given points to Pacquiao yet have declared Mayweather as the winner.
Initially, you may think that this is a bad case of declaring the wrong winner, which is a possibility IF the fight was played in the Philippines. We do have our Take It, Take It moments when real winners are robbed of their trophies, but in a land called the USA, is this really a possibility? YES, because it is VEGAS baby!
If you really think about it the odds in the bets in Vegas was in favor of Mayweather. To illustrate, if you placed a $100 bet on Mayweather, you’d get $50. But if you bet $100 on Pacquiao, you’d get $175. If Manny was announced as the winner the “mob” and casinos will loose so much money over night. Mantakin mong malugi ang mga casino at “bank rollers” sa Las Vegas, eh di kagulo ito! But this is a fight, a game that somebody had to be announced as THE WINNER.
When odds were in favor of Mayweather, Manny had to give a convincing win, too overwhelming that Vegas would have no choice but to pay up. Parang sabong, kailangan patay! It was to give Mayweather a knockout, or else Manny loses (and Vegas wins!), which is exactly what happened on fight night. Think about it.


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