19 Mar What the Pulse Survey means that shouldn’t be misinterpreted by Malacanang



JUAN SAYS: Truth be told we too don’t want President Aquino to resign for there is no suitable replacement. We will not go into why we don’t want the Vice President to take over the duties of the current president because we feel that his “history” is enough for self-explanation. What we are trying to say here is that, we agree with most Filipinos that President Aquino should finish his term (after all it will just be 1 year), for the reason that it is him who created this mess and it is he who should clean up the mess that he has created. It would be very unfair for whoever succeeds him to be the one to clean up this mess. Siya ang nagkalat, siya din ang pumulot!
There have been deliberate efforts to cover up his “hand” in the Mamasapano tragedy and we are happy that many Filipinos are now aware (and are actually speaking out, no matter if PNoy doesn’t hear us. Bingi ata. Patawarin niyo na!) of what is happening not just in the government but in the country in general. Thank God for former government officials (FVR, former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan) who are coming out of their hibernation to shed light or help us open our minds on how we should think and not barely chew on what is being fed to us by mainstream media. Thank God for facebook, the newest avenue for free speech that the government CANNOT pressure or sway in favor of PNoy.
We are hoping that the surveys will NOT be misconstrued by Malacanang as a vote of confidence for PNoy’s leadership, when there is NO leadership to begin with. (Command responsibility hindi pa naiintindihan tapos mag-eexpect tayo ng “leadership.” We are just setting our expectations way too high for PNoy. Stop it. You will be the victim of your own expectations.) NO, that isn’t the case. All this survey says is that IF we had a better choice for replacement, we would have trooped to the streets right now and collectively ask for his resignation.
This should be another ONE BIG LESSON for the voting public. The Vice President’s role in government is crucial. We can’t be negligent when filling out our ballots because the position is that of a lady-in-waiting. Of course not! This also serves as a wake up call for all thinking Filipinos. We have to help educate the masses on how to vote. We can’t afford NOT to care anymore. We can start with the help, we take the time to discuss (in layman’s terms) who the personalities are and what they have done in their respective cities or respective government posts. We have to start speaking to our drivers, household helps, the tricycle drivers, the mamang jeepney driver and even our janitors and elevator girls in our offices. This time, we have to do our part. It isn’t enough that we let them watch the news on TV or let them watch the analysis made by Abunda and Aquino. (This show has become the newest authority on how the public should think and react to what they read or watch in the news. See how they dissected the Bench Billboard brouhaha and the Toni Gonzaga mishap? Sooooo brainy it made us laugh.)
It is not enough that we let them lose on facebook and twitter and read everything that the mainstream media has been trying to shove down our throats. Let this be a lesson for all of us. The Aquinos and those they endorse – Never Again! Those who are known corrupt officials and are too clingy with their positions – Never Again (kahit pa libre ang kape at panonood ng sine sa City Hall).
It is sad to say that we are partly to be blamed on what is happening in our country today for the simple reason that we don’t care enough. We don’t go that extra mile to educate the masses – those whom we blame to be the culprits of putting the “artistas with no brains,” the failed coup de etat’s so-called heroes, and the corrupt officials, in the highest positions in our government today. Start now. Speak up. Take a stand.


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