30 Aug What the INC Crisis Say About Senator Grace Poe



JUAN SAYS: We were all quite shocked at the response of Senator Grace Poe, and admittedly, we were pinning our hopes on her come next election. But this time around, unlike the Mamasapano Senate hearing, she failed us. And as younger selves would describe it, her statements were an epic fail. Amoy na amoy na nanghihingi ng BOTO sa INC. Eh kung kami kaya ang mag-bloc vote na mga Kristiyano at hindi naming iboboto ang ini-endorso ng INC?
Here is one facebook post from Ryan Mancera echoes exactly our sentiments:


If there’s one positive outcome from the INC-DOJ controversy: it revealed either of 2 things about Grace Poe (1) that she is after all a trapo who will muddle basic legal concepts to preserve the bloc vote of INC, or (2) it showed just how NOT ready she is to become the leader of our country, because she spotted the wrong issue (the issue is not religion).
In terms of political maturity, she is practically an infant. In a recent interview, she said she is still weighing a lot of things about running, one of which is whether she is ready for the position. Well, if you have to decide whether you’re ready or not, I can tell you now, you’re not. And let’s not forget how she even became senator – yes, it’s because her deceased father (who almost became president) was a popular action star whom majority of Filipinos could relate to.
I think Grace is a good person. She also has a very calm way of saying things and using words that evoke powerful imagery, which are also very important traits of a leader. She also looks the most trustworthy among the bunch, someone who “looks” untainted with corruption. But our country needs a lot more than these traits. And one of those non-negotiable requirements is experience. If she joins the race now (and I’m afraid she will win), the system will chew her up and spit her out as an unrecognizable version of her self. (Notice how different she looks now in the media just after one knee jerk response to a relatively minor crisis?)
Grace needs to go through more of these situations. She needs to be put on the spot more. She needs to be pressed against the wall more often, so that the Philippines can have some basis for saying, “Yup that’s my kind of president.” Can she be a good president? Maybe. Who knows? But not now. Definitely not now.

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