21 Feb What drugs is he on? Can we have some?



JUAN SAYS: Reading how President Noynoy Aquino responded to the families of SAF44 got us floored. We, women who feel anything and everything and are oftentimes regarded as too emotional, envy him tremendously. Where does he get the audacity to respond the way he does? We know he is a guy, and he is supposed to be dense and unfeeling, but lacking apathy and empathy? How do you get that? What drugs is he on? Can we have some?


SAF relative felt insulted during PNoy face-to-face

In an interview with “Jennifer” by ABS-CBN she narrated their encounter with President Aquino.
“Yung isa sa kasamahan namin nagtanong about kung bakit hindi nagpadala ng airstrike, sabi ni PNoy: ‘Naglalaro ka ba ng computer?’
JUAN SAYS: Mr. President, let us not confirm that you are addicted to DOTA.
She said, at certain times, the President was laughing even as the relatives of the Fallen 44 asked for direct answers on who ordered the operation and why so many died.
“Sa maraming questions ng mga kasamahan namin, sasabihin niya: ‘Tignan mo kung namumula ang mukha ko?’ Ano yun? Natatawa siya. Nakakabastos kasi yung sagot na gusto namin, hindi niya masabi. Tumatawa siya habang sinasagot ang mga tanong namin,” she said.
JUAN SAYS: Naka-juts ata ampotah.O hindi nakainom ng gamot? Ano sa palagay nyo?
She said several of the families asked Aquino who should be blamed for the Mamasapano operation.
“Diretsong sinabi ni PNoy na ‘Sino pa eh di si [relieved SAF director Getulio] Napenas kasi siya yung nagplano dito.’ Sabi tuloy ng isang kasamahan namin: ‘Kung si Napenas ang may kasalanan, puede bang bitayin nalang natin?'”
JUAN SAYS: Bitay agad si Napenas? Hindi ba pwedeng aminin nya muna ang tunay na partisipasyon ni Pnoy saka natin husgahan kung sino ang dapat i-bitay?




PNoy leaves some SAF families hurt

In a separate interview conducted by ABS-CBN, the following were reported by “Janet,” one of the wives of the SAF44.
Janet also said they couldn’t accept what Aquino told another family, who asked for justice for the slain police officers.
Aquino allegedly asked the family if they wanted him to get the fingerprints of all enemy combatants in the Mamasapano clash. “Ano gusto nyo gawin ko, kunin natin ang fingerprint ng mga kalaban? Aba madami iyun, para malaman natin sino pumatay sa mga kamag-anak nyo.”
JUAN SAYS: You are President, it is assumed that you would know what to do, how to find the perpetrators and how to best serve justice to those who died. Why are you throwing the question back at them? Ano ito mind games?
The President also reportedly said he and the SAF families were “equal” because his father was also killed. “Namatay rin ang tatay ko, alam ko pakiramdam niyo kaya patas na rin tayo ngayon.”
JUAN SAYS: Since when did having our loved ones killed become a contest? And in our deepest regret, the score is not settled. The SAF44 were killed because of incompetence by a commander-in-chief who didn’t have the balls to call for reinforcements due to an ongoing campaign to win himself a f**king Nobel Peace Prize. The soldiers died because somebody thought they were bullet proof and could come out of the lair unscathed. Your father was killed because he was stubborn enough. Marcos already warned him of impending threats to his life. Eh gusto niyang magpaka-hero! And that is what he got. Hindi patas Mr. President. Magkaiba po iyon.




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