18 Dec WHARTON: Much Ado About Nothing



JUAN SAYS: We have been watching the tirades and explanations of the Duterte fans on facebook and news website threads of how they interpret (or was it deliberately misinterpreting) the issue on Mar Roxas’ degree from Wharton. Wharton has already issued a statement yet Duterte fans are still insistent on their stand about the words “graduate” and “undergraduate.” The exchanges remind us that there will be people who would believe what they want to believe even if proof or facts are already on the table. Their interpretation of what it is to be called a Wharton graduate is NOT, let us repeat NOT, gospel truth. It is just YOUR perception of what a “Wharton graduate” should be: MBA degree holder from the Wharton branch of the University of Pennsylvania. Operative words: YOUR PERCEPTION. You deceived your own selves in believing that he is an MBA degree holder just because he called himself a Wharton ‘Graduate.’ It was you who believed that. Indeed he finished a degree in Wharton, but not exactly what you thought it to be. But fact is, he FINISHED in Wharton. Period. Does that make him a liar? Not exactly. Misconceptions or misbranding are common. Remember when you posted what the Pope supposedly replied to Duterte’s cursing? Remember that it was explicitly stated in that particular website that it was a SATIRE interview, yet you insisted that this was the true response of the Pope? OUR POINT EXACTLY.


Insisting on the “inconsistencies” of the statements do not make you mightier than thou. Explaining the jargons of “undergrad” and “graduate” DO NOT make you smart. If at all, it makes you stupid. Parang latang walang laman. Pag hinagis, MAINGAY. Ganun. Ganung ganun ang peg!

And for us to swallow your truth (us, meaning those who have not made up their minds on who to vote for this coming 2016) shows us the kind of supporters that a certain presidentiable has. Narrow-minded people. People who can’t accept that certain perceptions are NOT exactly the crux of the matter, and should be adhered to and accepted as the ONE AND ONLY TRUTH.

Sa totoo lang, does it matter? So he maybe a Wharton degree holder, and yours isn’t. You may have been deceived into thinking that he is an MBA degree holder because of certain claims that he is a Wharton graduate. Pustahan ang iba sa inyo hindi naman alam kung ano ang Wharton kung hindi pa pumutok ang issue na ito! Tigilan ninyo kami pwede ba!

Besides, we already voted an Ateneo drop out as president, a housewife, a Georgetown student, among many others. But did it really matter? Hindi diba? HINDI. So tigilan na ang issue na ito. Dadalhin pa ninyo sa sampalan at suntukan. Walang ka-class-class. Hong CHEAP! Ginawa ninyong telenovela ang political arena! Nakakahiya!

Ang dami pang hindi naaayos sa Tacloban na hindi natapos nang nanggaling sa Wharton. May mga nagugutom na naman sa Samar dahil sa nakaraang bagyo. Inambush pa nga ng NPA ang isang truck ng relief goods na sinusuportahan ng kandidato ninyo! Pwede ito muna ang unahin kaysa mga ego ninyo?


Sa totoo lang, WHO CARES?!


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