12 Jul Understanding Sister Cersei Lannister



By Sisa Zaragoza


Ahhh Cersei… Cersei… Cersei… what would life be without you. You are one person that we all love to hate but can’t exactly place our fingers as to why the hell you are not dead yet. Cersei, that one person who has withstood all the tests of time inside King’s Landing yet we don’t know if you are a real villain or a real victim. If anything, Cersei is one twisted person fit to be called a narcissist. But then again, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

cersei2Cersei I believe was just the wrong gender born in a different time. If Cersei were born today, we wouldn’t have problems with the likes of her – a woman with much ambition. If anything, we would all be supportive of what she wants to happen with her life, that is to rule the 7 Kingdoms. Cersei is no different from anyone who sat on the iron throne, and even Daenerys who thinks that it is her birth right to be Queen.

Cersei was conditioned to think that she was born to nobility, just like Sansa who was trained to be Queen. But during medieval times, Queens didn’t exactly have power. They were royalty alright, but they were merely holes where kings could thrust on whenever they feel the urge, and they were like vessels expected to produce heirs. The women of nobility were like pawns used by their fathers to keep their alliances with other kings. This was the fate of women, but not Cersei. Cersei wanted more, she is like any other man in Game of Thrones, filled with ambition and the zest for power. Who has issues with women of power? None if we were talking about how it is to live today.

Cersei’s twisted mind stems from her narcissistic self. Her obsession with her twin brother is a reflection of this. Who would fall madly in love with a brother? Nobody, unless you see that brother as the male version of you. Cersei is perceived to have much love for her family, thus giving an excuse to her crazy behavior. But Cersei loves her children not because she is a mother. Cersei sees them as an extension of herself. She has projected her longing for power unto her children. They are, after all, entitled to sit on their iron throne being “children” of the king. Cersei as we all know, runs Kings Landing whenever they are crowned king.

But her life story isn’t exactly why I have come to admire Cersei so much. It is her ability to think and manipulate life to her favor, and the gall to take revenge on her enemies. Anong klaseng pagiisip ang kailangang mayroon ka para mapasabog mo ang isang lugar na punong puno ng mga kamag-anak mo at kaaway? What kind of twisted mind you must posses for you to be able to torture the person who tortured you? And what heart of stone would you posses for taking the deaths of your children and still have the drive to even live?


Cersei’s heart is stone cold. And just like any other “queen” who lives today, those who rule big corporations and businesses, deaths, gambling with lives and ideas, and yes, even blowing up your enemies to pieces, are just parts of the game. To sleep without conscience, to destroy people without remorse, are things that Cersei has that I wish I had. “The amount of pain suffered is equal to the amount of pain inflicted.” Cersei had her share of suffering but unlike the other “weaker” characters of the series, Cersei had the guts to plot out everything and inflict the same kind of pain to those who did her wrong. She may be wrong, but who says she is right?

We all have been there. Either you cower at the sight of your enemy or you take on your sword and slash the goddam enemy to pieces. But one thing that holds us back is our conscience, and in the many times we wanted to slay them, we defer to fate because unlike Cersei, WE ARE AFRAID. We do not retaliate because we are full of excuses, we do not retaliate because we were taught not to. But then again in the blackest part of our hearts, we want to burn them to the ground.

This is probably why I’d cheer on Cersei. This is probably why I can’t find it in my bone to hate her as much as others do. I do not wish for her to die. I want her to kill, and kill some more because I can’t do it! It is through Cersei that I am living my dark side, it is through Cersei that I see myself ruling my kingdom and getting what I want and where I want them to be. It is through Cersei that I can imagine killing everyone who has hurt me and blowing them up to pieces, not because they deserve it, but because it entertains me to see people who have done wrong scrambling for their lives. Because it is through Cersei that I get my revenge.




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