07 Aug Umm Taaa Kaaaa! Nagbaklaan na Sila!



JUAN SAYS: There is a battle going on in the Palace. A battle of “sward speak” that we couldn’t figure out if we would be amused or annoyed by it. The words “charot” and “chaka” are loosely used by Palace officials like cannon balls to hit the camps of one another, and to us, netizens/viewers/clappers we found it quite uncomfortable. This heated tirades between the President and Vice President’s camps have sunk to the lowest of lows. (Read full story here.)
What we are trying to say is, while we enjoy the action-movie plot of how each camp tries to destroy the credibility of one another, we couldn’t figure out why it has resorted to this. How desperate can they get. As public officials, be it elected or appointed, we have set a certain degree of propriety and professionalism, especially if this will be exposed to the citizens of the country and to the world. We have nothing against gay people, and in normal circumstances we would surely laugh at the bantering of these two camps, but this is no longer a laughable matter. Gay managers, corporate big wigs, or even “babaeng-bakla” executives wouldn’t be caught dead speaking in sward language UNLESS necessary, unless it is amongst peers. But to address a public issue, is really something else.
We are making this as a big joke. Is it to say that this government and should Binay win in the next elections (simba ko lang palayo!), that it is also a joke? Is it to say that the whole Philippines is a joke. Look around you, only you guys are laughing. We are all dead serious about our future.
Etohh na ngah ang hanash nang mga utaw ng bayanihang Pilipinas!! Super tokshow sa pagka joke time ang mga kyeme at kukurukuku sa Government of the Great Philippine sa darating na bongggang eleksyon ng 2016! Tawawey zone kayong lahat sa isuue pero sa trew blue baluu my dahlinggg seryosohan itey. Kayey lang ang happy birthday! Cheh!
Nagrereklamo na nga ang Manila Times sa Tagalog ninyo, Bading language pa. They need to spend on a different translator for this. Wait. Where is Manila Times when you need them to speak up. WTF. Umm Taaa Kaaah!


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