25 Sep #TweetPaMore: Netizens hate Binay ad, but masses DON’T CARE



The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


JUAN SAYS: The netizens are reacting. Truly, the netizens have expressed their disgust on social media. (Read full story here: Some Filipinos on Twitter ‘disgusted’ by Binay’s new TV ad). Everyone on facebook will NOT vote for Binay, or at least 70% of us. But the thing is, 70% of the voting population are NOT on facebook. They don’t even know what social media is. Most of them are hidden in the barrios, the barangays in far flung areas that have NO ACCESS to internet. They are the marginalized poor who only know one thing and one thing only: Binay made Makati. And if they vote for Binay, their towns will be like Makati. This should make us all sick because this is a forefront lie. We all know that Binay didn’t make Makati. And yet that is the impression that people from the boondocks have of Binay.
We have met a good number of people who despite the “demolition job” against the vice president, are still pledging their allegiance to him. Why? Because they don’t understand the implications of voting for him. They don’t understand corruption because they have been so accustomed to it that in their minds, whoever we vote for would still be a corrupt president. So they’d rather vote for someone who they can empathize with. Someone who can bring the dream of a first class city to their nth class municipalities. They would rather vote for someone who is like them – INAAPI, binu-bully, galing sa hirap, maitim, etc. etc.
 That is the situation we are all facing now. And if we all think that bashing Binay on social media is putting him down, we’d better re-think our strategy. Because the man you are hating today, may just be the man who sits on Malacanang in 2016. God forbid! If we don’t do anything to educate the masses, then that’s it! Binay as our president, and his whole caboodle as the first family would be OUR FAULT.
Hindi pwedeng matatalino lamang ang naguusap. Ang bawat matalino kailangan kumausap ng salat sa kaalaman. Dahil hindi pwedeng tayo tayo lang ang nagkakaintindihan. Dahil pag nagkamali ang tadhana ng pagluklok ng susunod na pangulo, lahat tayo DAMAY!


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