17 Sep Top 7 Leaders that PNoy Brought in the Last 5 Years



JUAN SAYS: Here is a keen observation of what we’ve gotten so far with regards to people who swore to serve the nation under PNoy. We do hate to say this, but we get the government we deserve.
By David Yap
So far we have had:


  1. A DILG Secretary who was caught on tape trying to browbeat a mayor of one of the municipalities devastated by Haiyan.

  3. A DSWD secretary who allowed hundreds of thousands of Haiyan victims to live in makeshift refugee “houses” despite the Philippines receiving billions of dollars of foreign aid.

  5. A Transport chief who insisted that traffic is not burdensome to commuters, turned a blind eye to problems in the metro rail system, and largely ignored problems in the distribution of car plates and driver’s licenses.

  7. An Education Secretary and a higher education chairperson who, in one way or another, indicated that not everyone belongs in college (e.g. K-12 will allow people to get hired, higher education is not for everyone).

  9. A Customs Commissioner who will spend manpower and resources to randomly pore through balikbayan boxes in the hopes of finding contraband and smugglers.

  11. A justice secretary who has not acted on the entire list of individuals involved in the pork barrel scam (more specifically, why are only three senators being prosecuted?) and has kept a former president incarcerated DESPITE the incumbent administration’s (in)capacity to mount a strong case against her (where is due process? Case in point, a recent study argued that the Philippines is the global capital for impunity).

  13. A suspended PNP chief was allowed to oversee a clandestine military operation – one that had major political ramifications regardless of outcome. (More importantly, perhaps, is the following question: is anyone else wondering who was made accountable for the Mamasapano operation that cost the lives of 44 special forces men?)

I could keep going but I am certain that people, at least people who don’t have yellow-tinted glasses on, will understand that this is a government that subscribes to the credo of its president – buhay pa naman kayo e.

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