24 Feb Tita Cory’s greatest mistake to the Filipino people



JUAN SAYS: This post was written by Gerald Abueva, one of the delegates who accompanied then President Corazon Aquino to her trip in China in 1988, in a post in Manila Standard in August 2014. We do not take it against Tita Cory if she didn’t believe in hula. Just like many of us Christians and Catholics alike, it is against our religion and belief system to believe in such. However, we can’t help but fathom that there is some truth in this prophecy and in turn, made us wish that Tita Cory should’ve listened and kept her only son away from politics. Could she have done something to stop Noynoy from running for president while on her deathbed? Could she have made this her dying wish NOT to have another president in the family (yes Kris, that includes YOU)? Part of the reason why Noynoy won was the Filipinos’ “pananampalataya” to the legacy that both Aquino parents have given this country, yet it is also their very own children (yes Kris, that includes YOU again) who are destroying the very essence why they were trusted and revered by the majority of Filipinos in the first place. But then again, the self-proclaimed celibate presidential sister and defacto “defender-of-the-brother-by-unfollowing-friends-who-didn’t-support-or-text-her-of-how-she-was-feeling-during-the-Mamasapano-carnage” (punyeta ikaw ba ang namatay?), can be the subject of this prophecy. She can pass as a eunuch too you know. And the prophecy would still hold true.
The apples fell far from the tree in this case. Maybe it rolled somewhere and took root in something and grew to be what it is today. Destructive. Self-centered. Anomalies. Eunuchs.
In the spring of 1988, then President Corazon Aquino went to China on a state visit. While there, she made it a point to reconnect with her ancestral roots. She went out of her way to travel to the southeastern fringe of China, to Hongjian village of Fujian province where her forebears come from. In typical Chinese fashion of ancestor-worship and in violation of her Catholic faith, Cory offered incense to her Chinese forebears in a local shrine. Before leaving the shrine to return to official business, Cory was approached by an elderly woman who appeared to be the shrine keeper. With only one good eye left, the squinting gray-haired lady took one close look at Cory and gently raised her cupped hands to touch Cory’s face. Before Cory could say anything, the old lady muttered something incomprehensible. An interpreter standing nearby inched in closer to translate the message. Baring a few teeth plated in gold, the shrine keeper withdrew her hands except for a gnarled finger and warned Cory never to let her only begotten son get into politics. The old lady warned of dire consequences, not just to one person or one family but to an entire nation. There was something else the old lady said in one long breath, which the interpreter appeared to be holding back from Cory and those around her. After some hesitation, the interpreter rather apologetically explained that the old lady likened Cory’s only begotten son to a eunuch, a eunuch who would become emperor and inflict a lot of misery and sufferings on an entire nation. Worse, the eunuch emperor would cause the undoing of Cory and the Filipino people, just as eunuchs had caused the downfall of dynasties and empires in China, Ottoman and Persia. Those of us who were standing around Cory froze in disbelief at the awkward comparison. Emily Abrera couldn’t help but blow a raspberry. Dismissing the prophecy as hogwash, the entourage left the scene for a tree-planting ceremony. No one knows how much Cory took the old lady’s advise to heart. What we do know is that Cory for many years thumbed down Noynoy’s desire to get into the senate until she relented in 2007. Late that same year, Cory was diagnosed with cancer that would ultimately spread to her color. 26 years after that prophecy, the Philippines is teetering on the brink of a constitutional crisis, looming power crisis and the death of democracy. All because of Cory’s begotten son.



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