16 Jun The Yellow Entitlement



JUAN SAYS: It wasn’t exactly a plead or a pakiusap. It was more of a statement – a matter of fact statement that is, when Mar Roxas declared that the Liberal Party will be a tad late in submitting their SOCE to Comelec. The law clearly states: “The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.” None acceptance of the SOCE means there was no SOCE filed. Period. And its penalty?


The clearly states it too: “Effect of Failure to File Statement – Persons elected to any public office shall not enter upon the duties of their office until they have filed their Statements of Contributions and Expenditures with the relevant Schedules and supporting documents, in accordance with the formal requirements set by these Rules.

The same prohibition shall apply if the party which nominated the winning candidate had failed to file its Statement of Contributions and Expenditures as required herein within thirty (30) days from the conduct of election.” No filing. No sitting in office. Period.

Wrong. If lawyers of the Liberal Party were to be believed, none filing simply means paying a fine of P30,000 and all is well and beautiful on this side of the planet.

And even when you hear the side of our Vice President-Elect Leni Robredo, she seems to brush this all off saying that it is just late filing and that is all. Never mind if the law states otherwise. Never mind if this would be unfair to other parties who beat the prescribed deadline. Never mind.

Should this non-compliance by the LP merit a disqualification for Leni? Whatever the law says, then so be it. Even if it is against the “will of the people?” What “will of the people” are we really talking about when her “winning” is still hounded by alleged electoral fraud committed by the very same party who failed to submit the required documents on schedule. If this last hurrah on entitlement is to be seen as it is, the LP is, in our humblest opinion, capable of anything. Ganun ang entitled, kabig lang sa kanila. Kabig.

To top everything, Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista said that they would be referring to previous decisions on Comelec cases of late filing.

We are certainly not lawyers, but it doesn’t take a law degree to understand what the law states. If you can’t file on time, then don’t file at all.

Excuses upon excuses were spurn by Mar Roxas. Receipts abound, and it would take time to document all of it to present the SOCE to Comelec. No other party have missed the deadline, just the Liberal Party.

We do not understand where they got the gall to go against the law, or even to re-interpret the law according to their terms. We do not understand what is with the law that the LP did not understand that none of its elected officials can hold office if they miss the deadline. And with all certainty, they went against the law. Because they are “marangal” that way. Disente nga hindi ba? What gives? What made them think that they can get away with “late filing?” What made them so sure that even when the law clearly states that late filing is unacceptable, they can still… well… file their SOCE beyond the prescribed deadline?

And there is that question about the amount that they declared in the “late SOCE” filed. A commentary by Malou Tiquia states:

This is unbelievable!

LP filed their SOCE beyond the period the law mandated. It was received by COMELEC, invoking ministerial duty. So it begs the question, will the en banc decide on compliance still? Why?

If we look at the SOCE, it was filed by the Treasurer of the Party. Nothing wrong there. But uncharacteristically, the contributions and the expenditures were neatly packed. No single cent saved.

Non-members donated Php181 Million while members donated Php 60 Million for a total of Php 241 Million. Interesting to see who donated, both for non-members and members. And how the donations were distributed to national and local candidates.

Since it was a party SOCE, that means it covers all LP candidates who received financial support from the party.

Robredo filed her SOCE with 16M in-kind contribution received from political party (Php241M-Php16M=225M). How was the 225 M spent?

If we look at the CONA of candidates, there were 8 candidates for the Senate that ran under LP. 5 won. There were 163 district candidates who ran under LP, 115 won. There were 50 governors who ran under LP, 39 won.

Those who want to do investigative work, go get the SOCE of the winning Senators under LP and lets see if they got some financial muscles from LP.

Then there is the BIG question mark on Roxas. Since he did not file, are we to assume that: 1) he financed his own campaign; 2) he breached the campaign limit; and/or 3) government funds intermingled with the minuscule 241 Million?

Please tell me this is not Daang Matuwid. More so what has been claimed as the “politics of decency” that was bannered around during the 90 day campaign period. I can still hear it…”hindi ko kayo nanakawan.”

I just have to call a spade, a spade. The people are not stupid.


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